Everyone that bought at TJMaxx better check it

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  1. I hope this is just at mine, but I stopped into TJMaxx today and found the legacy wallets for $99 and picked up a few.. well, needless to say I just got home and it must have been where the (idiots) put their sensor control because there is a small hole (the size of a pin) on all of them! :wtf: Right in the leather. So frustrating! :mad: They took a perfectly good item and made a hole in it! I am so upset right now. :cry:
  2. Thats so annoying! I am sorry thid happened to you! I hope you can find one with out the sensor hole in it!
  3. Yikes! I bought 3. I'll go check now. Can you take pics of yours for us?
  4. This actually happens to me a lot at my local tjmaxx, with shirts, its like they dont care where they put the sensors. :shrugs:
  5. I noticed the same thing on the wallets at my TJ Maxx...I did not buy one, but I did take a good look at it and did notice that that was going to be a problem.
  6. Yep I noticed this too which is why one didn't come home with me.
  7. UUgghhh I am so upset!!! Yes, I will post a pic.. one sec :tup:
  8. Oh my, what are they thinking?! I bought a wallet there earlier this week (not a turnlock one, I'm still trying to id it actually) but there was no sensor on it at all. Maybe because it was on clearance?

    Sheesh, you would think someone would have the sense to not do that!
  9. They actually had the sensor pinned and jammed into the inside slot of the inside of the wallet...

    (wow...that was kind of wordy...lol)
  10. Here is a pic.. this is a closeup.. I just can't believe they would do that! They didn't even have the wallets out really. .they were all in a box behind the jewelry counter and she had set them on the glass... ugghh
  11. Here's another one..
  12. I am so sorry!! This is one of the things that infuriates me the most with this place!! These people have NO common sense or regard for anything when it comes to the placement of these sensors!! I also found a D&B wallet that had literally been torn by the sensor, and of course was on clearance because of it.
  13. By the way, when there is "damage" to an item, they will give you a 10-15% discount. I've asked for it before and gotten it on this basis as well as something being a bit "roughed up". I would at least go back and try to get back some money. TBH, I would still keep the wallets since they were so cheap, but they should learn from stupid mistakes like that!
  14. ugh! I am so sorry! The white one looks really awful! WHY WHY WHY would they do this???

    poor wallets :sad:
  15. Well truth be told I was hoping to make a little bit of money on them because I have been looking for a job so I thought this would help, just make a little bit on a few wallets to help with the bills.. so now I am stuck with these holy wallets.. they are gorgeous though and I was thinking of keeping one for myself and selling mine since it is brand new, but I don't know. It really doesn't hurt the integrity and it's only on the back pouch but it just ticks me off that they would do that! :tdown: