Everyone share: Favorite inexpensive websites!

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  1. Where does everyone prefer to get inexpensive trendy items?

    I dress, like many of us, mixing high and low designer items.

    I love forever 21 for this reason. Let's hear about everyone's favorite websites!
  2. bluefly, old navy, banana republic has great sales sometimes too..
  3. Sometimes I buy from delias.com for printed Junk Food tees and solid color tees. MNG by Mango and Zara are good bets for trendy inexpensive pieces too.
  4. Oh great thread! All my clothes are gone so I have to buy a whole new wardrobe now!! I will be watching this thread. I love forever21.com, the only problem is that it's hard to tell how the quality is by looking at the pictures. Great prices though.
  5. I am addicted to forever 21. I check it everyday...lol
  6. For cute and funky tops I looooovve Forever 21 and sometimes I get lucky at H&M
  7. I like gojane.com and styleviolet.com. Quality is on par as Forever 21, but stuff is cheap, so if you need something trendy you know you'll only wear a few times then forget about, they're perfect.
  8. Clearance section of all your fave stores!

    Seriously..sign up to recieve the periodic emails from all your favorite stores. You will know when they are having special promotions, free shipping deals, extra 25% off, end of summer clearance, end of whatever season clearance..etc. I just keep my eye out.

    I get emails from:
    J. Crew
    Urban Outfitters
    Shop Bop
    A Lilly Pulitzer boutique in my hometown

    and a few others. If you check out their stuff RIGHT when the clearance sale starts you can get some GREAT stuff. I got dresses that were normally priced at $80-$120 for $15 or $20 on Urban sales. I've gotten shorts for $10 that were normally $40, and a dress that was $100 for $30. And for staples like plain cotton dresses and khakis and what not thats a pretty damn good deal, from quality stores.
  9. Topshop, H&M, Cult, Primark :heart:
  10. I'm a fan of Urban Outfitters, H&M, Zara & Mango.
  11. Oh, and La Redoute is great too!