Everyone, PLEASE watch out for the ice!

  1. I was on my way to work this morning, thinking of the usual things when all of a sudden, I step on some ice, my feet flew out from under me and I land on my left side.

    After spending what seems like all day at the hospital, it turns out I have a hairline fracture of my humerus.

    (In laymen's terms, I broke my arm.)

    I'm typing this out with my right hand, doing a speedy rendition of Hunt and
  2. Oh no! :sad: Heal fast!

    Yes, everyone please watch out - whether you're walking or driving!
  3. yikes!
    feel better!

    and buy a bag of salt for your walkway too!!!!!
  4. Wow! Get well soon! Def. get the bag of ice for your walk way. It's really bad when you don't even see it because it's so clear and you slip.
  5. Ouch! Hope it heals quick!!
    About five years ago, I fell on ice, and I've had knee problems ever since. I am so scared of the ice now, I always hold on to someone when walking on it!
  6. Feel better and hope you have a fast recovery!!

    My art teacher fell and broke her ankle so badly she needed emergency surgery...she's out until at least 2008. :s

    Stay safe, everyone!
  7. Ouch! Hope it heals quickly.

    I hate ice. I swear, where I go to school must be the freezing rain capital of the world. Every sidewalk is covered in like 3 inches of ice right now, and every few days it gets thicker and thicker. I've taken to just avoiding the sidewalk all together and walking along the curb on the street.
  8. Luckily there is no snow or ice in Miami.

    I hope it heals soon. It sucks that this happened during the holidays. :flowers:
  9. awww so sorry that happened to you! I had a nasty accident at home last week, so I dont even need the ice lol! but I really hope you get better soon.
  10. Oh no...I hope you feel better sooN!
  11. awww I hope you feel better soon! That SUCKS!
  12. Feel better!
    Great advice..my shoes have so little traction, I fall on someone every five minutes.
  13. Y'know.. I was just commenting to a coworker today as we left the office .. wish there would be an ice storm here in Texas.. that way I could work from home and actually get something done! :p I miss winter!

    Edit: Sorry you broke your arm! (but I still miss winter! :biggrin:)
  14. Ouch! There is a storm heading towards NYC this weekend. Not looking forward to it.
  15. Feel better!! I know how you feel; I've had some nasty spills on the ice. Three years ago I fell three times and once I thought I had a concussion I fell so hard.