EVERYONE, please read me!

  1. PLEASE, please, please, I beg you guys to ONLY post authenticity questions where they belong.
    I want to read threads just like everyone else and when I log on I end up moving, closing, linking. . . threads about authenticity because people aren't paying attention to where they're posting and then only get to read a thread or two and log back off:cry:

    ***Authenticity questions, questions anbout eBay Sellers and questions about authentic websites ONLY go in the Authenticate This! Forum or in the proper Authenticate This! Sticky in each designer's sub-forum.***:yes:

    If this doesn't make sense to you, please ask ;)
    I don't have time, nor do the other Mods and Admins, nor should we really have to post an explanation in every one of these misplaced threads and close, link or move it as well.

    We ALL are a part of this fab community, let's all make an effort to keep it organized and fair:flowers:
  2. Thanks for keeping us on top of it, Swanky!
  3. I apologize of I sound *****y:shame:

    But I just posted my 6th reminder in 24 hours regarding this.:amazed:

    I wanna read and play too!:yes:
  4. Gotcha, Swanky!
  5. thanks!
  6. Check and check! Yeah, I've noticed them popping up everywhere now.
  7. Listen to Swanky!
  8. A little bump for swanky!!:biggrin:
  9. Swanky, I read you loud and clear!
  10. You weren't *****y at all, Swanky! I don't know how anyone can miss those stickies!
  11. LOL! You guys rock! :rochard:Thanks for validating me!:yes:
  12. hey SwankyMamaof3
    thanks for cleaning up after us!!! you and the other mods are doing great!!!
  13. Thanks for your hard work
  14. and thank you!
  15. understood

    where would you like a question about customs and fees posted?

    not being rude, just don't wanna make more work for you