Everyone please be extra careful!!

  1. Hello everyone: I just want to remind everyone who uses Paypal to
    be extra careful. I have received 3 spoofs in the last week addressed
    to me using my first and last name (spelled correctly!) with a paypal url
    address!! This used to be a great way to spot a spoof (if the email said
    "Dear Paypal customer" instead of your name). Please remember to never ever click on a link in any email asking for your information. Close it and go direct to the Paypal site and check.
  2. I always forward these to spoof@paypal.com. I then get a confirmation from Paypal that it is indeed not from them. Helps them to cut down on these as well.

    Yes - be very careful with these things!
  3. Thank you so much for posting this!! I would have clicked on it. Thanks for the warning!!
  4. Thanks for the warning Chloe. I got 5 emails from "paypal" last week. Thankfully I didn't click on any of the links.
  5. This is SO important. But I would also apply this to ANY bank accountant/ebay/auction accounts. There are just too many spammers that use auto programs to search for emails listed.

    Ironically, internet shopping is much safer than most people think.

    1.) also look for a "lock" sign to show up in your bottom browser or the internet address to begin with "https" which means it's a secure link.

    2.) All ebay emails to you should be adressed to the login name you use on ebay.

    3.) Try to use the same credit card for all online purchases, so that you can track your orders and easily identify anything that is strange.

    4.) Alway use passwords that contain both numbers and letters, as they are harder to penetrate.

    ***edited for my horrible spelling.
  6. All great tips...thank you! What scared me was the spoofs I got were
    all addressed to me by name (first and last), quite scary!
  7. There is a mess of them going around from eBay (which I don't have an account with), PayPal (ALWAYS go and sign in, if there is ANYTHING wrong with your account they will tell you there) and Chase bank. Don't ever click links!! Banks & credit cards will always phone you if there is a problem. I got a call asking if I was shopping at Gap in Las Vegas, me "umh, I'm still in Arizona and NO I did not spend $200 at Gap!". They cancelled that card and issue me a new one.
  8. Thanks for the warning.
  9. Thanks so much for the warning. I'm getting "THIS" close to closing my paypal accounts. It just is another source of headache and aggravation.
  10. I got the same paypal email last week. Totally freaked me out because they had my name! Luckily I didn't click on the link.
  11. I received spoof mail too. I just close my paypal account and re-open one when needed. A hassle maybe but I certainly don't want any problems.
  12. thank you for this information.. i know I do not want to messed up again...
  13. The phishing e-mails are getting so rampant. I just have an automatic script that forwards all those e-mails to the Paypal spoof reporting address.
  14. yes everyone should be careful. i got 2 so far and it sucks!
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