everyone owning the same bag..

  1. you know how happy you are when you a get a new bag.. :hysteric:
    but what if that new bag is a speedy damier 30.. and EVERYONE has it..
    is it worth getting it now?

    what is your opinion on the fact that everyone owns the same bag..
    you go out for drinks and you put your bag down, and you can guarantee that
    5 other gals will do the same ..

  2. It's a classic and popular bag due to the size and price range. Who cares if everyone else has it... that means that those others are just as stylish as you! ;)

    If it still bothers you, perhaps try looking into other similar Damier Canvas styles?
  3. That would bother me, and honestly it does factor in as to why I don't carry my vintage monogram canvas speedy as much. But on the flip side, you should always get whatever makes your heart skip a beat! I guess I really didn't answer the question, huh?
  4. yeah, i know speedy is a classic and i really love it, but looks like everyone has got a speedy nowadays and it turns me off.
  5. i know, it def makes me happy .. but its so sucky that everyone has to LVOE the same bag you do ..:boxing:
  6. Yeah, I agree. Right now I feel that way about my haircut. In August 2006, I cut my hair in an angled bob style. And then a few weeks later I saw pics of VB's haircut. And now, it seems everyone has this style. But I am reluctant to change it bc well this look is perfect for my hair and face shape so in the end I just have to get over the slight annoyance I feel when I see women with the style.
  7. awwww Ozzysmom.. but at least you were first!:choochoo:
  8. I've carried LV for a long time and have had many classic and LE designs. I can honestly say that I don't remember one time that anyone has had the same bag at the same function/event/night out. I guess maybe I'm lucky. I have seen someone with the same bag one or two times while shopping and we usually smile and its no big deal.
  9. omg, i know this is off topic but speaking of owning the same "something".. i was walking to my BF's house last night.. and there is this little pathway to his building.. i was wearing my old black uggs with the drawstring at the top .. some little 16 year old girl passes by (wearing the same shoes) and completlly SNUBBS/GRILLS my shoes and walks away?!!!! What the HECK!! why couldnt she smile or not do anything:censor:
  10. Everyone has it ? As in all your friends ?

    I buy what i like and what i'm going to use. I dont spend 24/7 with my friends so i dont care what they have or buy.
  11. It doesn't bother me. I am usually so thrilled to have my bag/jewelry/whatever that if I see someone else with it, I feel like we are in a little club or something.
  12. actually no, when it comes to my friends only one has it and in the azur color.. im talking about random people i see on a day to day basis..
    mind you i live in NY.. so i see A LOT of people .. and many of the carry this bag
  13. well if you see lots of people around your town wearing it,i would think about it...but if not.I say love it?then simply get it,It is a really pretty bag worth having.
  14. the Damier Speedy is still not as common as the Monogram, so it shouldn't be too bad. with the relatively low price, and with everyone clamoring to own AN LV, it's inevitable that at some point everyone will own it
  15. I completely agree here, well said :yes:

    Basically, what will happen will happen..just love and rock your bag like you were the only one to have one and just go 'bout your day. As long as you are happy and love your Damier, then that's all that matters :heart: