EveryONE On The Purse Forum Should Read This!

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  1. ok so I' m new so maybe some of you have already purchased/ read livinluxurious ebay home page, but this was the most informative info on lv I have ever read...heres to you LIVINLux.......:graucho: :heart: :graucho: :heart: :heart:

  2. aw this was a sweet topic gucci gurl ^_^
  3. sophia, seriously as a victim of fake ebayers, I feel more people need to know...so they won't get robbed.....
  4. I think she's PF member also
  5. A couple years ago, I could remember coming home from work and passing by canal st( My mother always taught me to hate fakes, she would always say, if you can't afford the real thing don't bother being something your not, people will be able to tell right thru you) I would see the insane amount of people buying lv fakes...with police watching not doing anything, it was horrible ...people buying speedys for $25, matching wallets for $10....I remember my co worker breaking down and buying a set, and no less than a week later, we were in the mall and the strap completely came off, I was so embarassed for her....but honestly inside I was cracking up, thinking good for her!
  6. Lots of info. if you love LV and want to learn more!
  7. OMG!!! Thank you so much! You just made my MONTH, I swear hahaha :lol: ! Aww this was SO sweet - thank you so much!!!

    You make me feel all mushy inside hahaha :love:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. :rochard:
  10. Livinluxuriously - Great write up:yes:
  11. lelgin- is that a king charles?
  12. I Believe I Have Read This Before! Thank You So Much ~ It's Very Informative & We Are Very Lucky To Have You Here!!!
  13. Well she put some pictures of ebay seller and list her pics in the all of shame of fakes so I don't know what s her / your knowledge in the first place lol
  14. Oops, deleted! I confused you with someone else. My apologies!
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