Everyone needs to read this about the price increase!

  1. SEASONAL ITEMS WILL NOTGO UP IN PRICE! This will include the MIRROR, GROOM, whats left of the Perfo, Tobago, any Spring Summer, Fringe, These bags did not go up in price when we had the last increase (perfo, fringe and tobago i am talking about with the last increase!! It will not affect shoes or clothing either because it is all SEASONAL!
  2. Ah, the price increase includes the Azur then eh?
  3. Well that is hard to say, are they going to keep that a permenant collection?

    I remeber the when a few bags came out a week or two before the one of the increases and they were NOT part of the increase, I think LV knew they were going to raise the prices and maybe set that at an already raised price...
  4. What about the mono keepall?
  5. They are perm. so I would say yes.
  6. mono keepall yes, it is permenant. Since the Azur is slowly coming out right? I believe it will go up because since it is just like the Damier they wont have the Azur keepall cheaper than the regular Damier so they will most likely change those prices
  7. Technically, it would. Same goes for the Mini Lin (since that is permanent as well). However, from what I've observed in the past, new releases that came out just before or just after a price increase do not get affected (ie, no price increase is added). Therefore, the Damier Azur and Mini Lin (if I were to go by past actions) wouldn't have a price increase yet. If they did, the company would've already added that increase in their initial release price.
  8. I agree EYELOVE. but what I am confused about is if they dont raise the azur, thats kinda weird to have regular damier be more $ and azur less? that would be like the white mc cheaper than black... you know what I mean?
  9. Yea, that would be weird. I think the azur will be the same price as regular damier and mono, so it will be affected by the price increase. :sad:
  10. Yep, I know what you mean. That's why I mentioned that last part in my original post that the company would already factor in the price increase for the Azur when the Azur is initially released so that both Damier lines are similar across the board. I think they know about their price increases well in advance therefore they know how to decide to price their items accordingly. I hope it didn't sound too confusing (the way I explained it). :idea:
  11. But I thought the list was already out in one of the threads here and the prices stated were similar to the current prices of regular damier. :shrugs:
  12. Thanks for the info.
  13. I called LV yesterday and spoke with them about the price increase on Nov 1st and asked about the Azur Speedy 25 and they told me the price would be $595. Azur is intended to be a permanent collection but it depends on how the sales go. It is not technically permanent as of yet. I guess I'll see if i am spending $620 for it on Nov 1st.
  14. I'll create a hypothetical example to clear up the confusion. Let's say, hypothetically, the company decides to increase the (brown) Damier speedy price to, say, $620 (I'm just using a random number for the sake of illustration) on November 1. They will then price the Damier Azur Speedy to be $620 as well and already have that particular price published in the "look book" that you saw several weeks/months ago.
    What I'm getting at is that the company would know well in advance about price increases. The customer may not know about price increases until it actually happens or 2 weeks in advance. But the company knows long before that - maybe several/many months in advance, therefore they already have their plan layed out.
  15. I still don't get your hypothetical. They already published Azur prices at $595 for 25 and $620 for 30. I get what you mean by figuring in the increase before the line is released, but prices have already been published and quoted from SA's. So, you are saying that on Nov. 1, they will have azur prices matching damier prices at $620 for the speedy 25? If so, why are they quoting the lower prices?