Everyone must see...can't stop laughing!!!

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  1. sorry for double posting but I have already reported it twice in the past two days, so i hope whoever gets it learns there lesson, they must have never seen a pic of a miroir, I mean why would you bid.....arrrg:cursing:
  2. That's quite an obvious fake. Who knows, maybe this person does believe it's real. Probably bought it at one of those purse kiosks in the mall.
  3. Oh my Lol.
  4. I doubt it, it sounds kind of obvious that she's lying about buying the bag from the Hawaii LV...and the SA saying that it's the last one...
  5. wow. what a freakin' liar. :O
  6. Ugh yea ok. :push:
  7. Yeah, after rereading, she does leave that impression. Probably doesn't even need to "make rent"
  8. reported 2 times
  9. LOL..true..she bought it at the mall....lol..lol..
  10. Somebody ask her if she does not have the receipt a bank statment (where it says she spent the money at LV store) would be good... I bet she is gonna say she pay with cash..
  11. Reported it as well.
  12. Did anyone else notice the decreased reality percentage? She first guaranteed the bag to be 200% real and in her second response it was only 100% real. Think if someone else asks she'll be 50% sure? Maybe she should use some of the proceeds to buy a calculator.
  13. ^^ :roflmfao:

  14. jessiebug i never noticed your audry picture/avatar i really like it:smile: