Everyone must open this thread and see this beauty!

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  1. i was walking by the Hong Kong Balenciaga store in Landmark the other day and couldn't help but had to stop and stare at this beauty, with drool coming out of my mouth!

    for your viewing pleasure: LILAC CROC GSH CITY !


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  2. frankieeeeeomg LILAC+ CROCO + GSH= :heart::heart::drool::faint:i want an envelope in this colour so bad !!!
  3. O:nuts:M:wtf:G:faint:
  4. WOW! :drool:
  5. OMG! Its GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing!
  6. GORGEOUS....thanks for sharing....
  7. wow!
  8. Thanks for the pic, Frankie.
    This is not my cup of tea. However, an Envelope as Chloeglamour says would be a different matter. That would be gorgeous :graucho:
  9. yowza!:heart:
  10. Not my cup of tea, either... but thanks for sharing, Frankie!

    Now, if this came in a Pochette, that would be a different story... :P
  11. :drool: anyone down for a balenciaga croc robbery? :P
  12. love the color, it looks alot more vibrant than the 09 LE lilac
  13. i always find Croc Motorcycle bags a bit meh, since, at least for me, Balenciaga bags are all about the drape and the slouch. Croc seems to be too rigid for that.
  14. I totally agree *prism*!!!
  15. nice bag!