Everyone loves Speedy =D

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  1. I was just at the grocery store and had my Mono Speedy 30 :love: in the front part of the cart. I was busy getting my kids in the cart too and a young girl walked by with 2 young guys and said " I like your purse..."
    I smiled and said "Thank You". If one of those guys is her bf,they better watch out, the girl has good taste already. ;)
  2. Lol..they're starting pretty young now I guess.
    But more importantly...YOU love your purse!! :heart:
  3. awsome...you can nver go wrong with a speedy...they get compliments all the time! =)
  4. LOL.. yes ,I do love her :love:
    You know you :heart: your bag when you buy a cles to add on to it and you say you "bought a purse for your purse". The cles is not mine, it's Speedys ;)
  5. :yes:
  6. Haha I never thought of it that way! My bags' purse is the Inclusion keychain lol.
    Wow..really do love our bags lol! ;)
  7. ^ insane louis vuitton fanatics.

    hehe i love you rebecca!
  8. I just had a girl in a shoe store compliment my Speedy 25 last week. It's such a nice feeling!!
  9. You're too cute. :shame: Awww.... :heart:.

    I had my keys/keychain hanging from my pocket and a girl that sits next to me in my class asked me "Is that Louis Vuitton?". I replied "Yeah...". She said "Awww... it's cute!" :wlae:
  10. Lol Sophia and John.
    I :heart: you guys too!

    Tiny pieces of LV make me happy..I stare at my Inclusion phone charm everyday because it's just so teeny and cute hehe.
  11. Oh, that's so *cute*.. I bet your purse :heart: 's it's inclusion purse :P .Who else but us LV fanatics would do this.. :graucho:
  12. They do start pretty young! My sister's former best friend was obsessed with designer bags. She can't afford one now but when she would come over she and I would spend hours flipping through magazines and this forum. I dont even wanna know they kinda taste my "future" daughter will have by the time she's a teen! I better start saving....
  13. sooo cute. i wished ive got someone to share my love for bags too. as in real-life friends. lol.
  14. Just do like I did and have boys! ;) MUCH easier! LOL
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