Everyone loves flats, but.....

  1. ...I don't! I have 3 pairs of ballet flats, but I don't like how I look in them. My height might have something to do with it. I'm 5'2" with a long torso and short legs. :hysteric: I find that wearing flats accentuates my short-leggedness and makes me look even shorter! I usually wear something with a 1 1/2" to 2" heel (for comfort and a little leg-lengthening), and as much as I'd LIKE to get into flats (so adorable!), they just aren't flattering on me. Plus, I find that I somehow look wider-hipped in flats. Can anyone else identify with this? :confused1:
  2. YES! I am short and on the heavy side, but you know I love walking on them! lol!
  3. i'm also 5'2 but i still wear flats, they're so comfortable and an option when i don't feel like wearing heels...great for casual looks.
  4. Yes! I am also short (5'1) with a long torso and wide hips. One thing that I found has helped to eliminate the stumpy look is if you wear a longer shirt on top.
  5. I also have the height/short leg issue but I love Chanel ballet flats. I wear them sparingly and always with long, never cropped pants...a little boot cut and long enough to almost hit the ground. Otherwise, Chanel makes a ballet type and a sling back ballet type with a 1 1/2" heel...that actually works great for me w/pants and to the knee skirts.