everyone loves coach! yes, they do!

  1. i brought my mini skinny out today (it's pink and gold with the mini signature, i forgot what line it's from) and i was at this coffee place and this waiter (in his 50s) was serving my friends and i our drinks when he saw my mini skinny and he was like "wow! that's sooo nice!!!" i was so amused and surprised! he went on to try and guess the price tag and kept saying it was really beautiful. haha, i found this incident really funny, just wanted to share with all of ya coach lovers! it kinda made my day and it's true that everyone loves coach!
  2. I overheard some woman in line at Target today trying to guess what brand bag I was carrying....lol I guess not everyone loves coach...But she noticed it so she must of liked it.
  3. I love it when people compliment me on my bags. Thanks for sharing your story, it made me smile!
  4. i forgot to add that one of my guy friends asked me to keep the mini skinny and not to let his gf see it or she would be getting "ideas". ahaha. i guess my mini skinny really was a star today!
  5. That's so cool. I find that I do get lots of compliments on my Coach bags! Nice to know that we're not the only ones who appreciate them!
  6. milodrinker
    i have the same minnie skinny!!!! and actually just received it and the wristlet from JAX...i had seen it in a picture here on the forum and tracked it down.............received it last week amd i love it so much!!!!!
    by the way it was the last set of that particular color combo.....love the pink mini sig with the gold!!!
  7. That is so nice! I love when people notice my bags.
  8. was he hitting on you? did you nab a phone number out of it?
  9. LOL^

    that's what i was thinking! ;) but yeah. i think people do love coach a lot.

    working in that store over the past year i've seen EVERYONE. of all ethnicties. ages. and sexes.

    ok. one reason is probably because i'm in sf, and we have a lot of tourists as well as diversity here.

    i remember wearing my coach polka dot bag to school one day

    i was on the bus and this sweet elder woman stopped me and told me my bag was beautiful :love:
  10. HAHAHHA! no no no! he was like this kindly, elderly man in his 50s. i'm like only 20? so yup, definitely NOT a come on. just a man entranced by coach :nuts:
  11. yes, the pink and gold just goes perfectly well with each other! enjoy your purse!