Everyone know this website ?

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  1. Hi! everyone I just heard this website(www. bagborroworsteal.com)
    but I don't know it sell authentic gucci or not .who bought something from this before .Please comfirm to me Thank you :smile:
  2. Oh yes I'm very familiar with BBS lol Their stuff is indeed authentic and you can get some very good deals when they have sales.
  3. Thank you for quickly reply OCDaboutPurses :biggrin:
  4. FYI

    Their 'full retail prices' are not always entirely accurate to model and/or size so double check.
  5. Yes that's very true thank you for pointing that out.
  6. Yes, I have purchased from BBS.. great deals but you need to know retail prices
  7. BBS is fine. Another to check out is portero.com for BUYING. Luxury auction site (although not really AUCTION, IMO), don't pay asking price, email them w/ an offer & see if listed price negotiable.
  8. Thank you everyone for answer and give me the new information.
    So I am looking for a new bag at good deal and save my pocket.:ty:

  9. Thank you for the tip!
  10. You are welcome.. I have bought from Portero.. made an offer.. got a bag for $100 LESS than "asking price". ;)