Everyone ! I am the official owner of a BJ BIRKIN!!

  1. Today I went to Sydney Hermes store without anything special to look for.. and I saw 2 birkin on shelf but not something I want.. and I tried them on, and I said it would be nice if it is a blue jeans.

    and then they told me they actually have a cancelled order on blue jeans and available to me!


    and I am so excited now! i will post pic soon! it is my first Hermes shopping experience. i bought my last birkin from ebay! I just so happy so happy!
  2. Woohooo!!!!!!!!! You are one lucky girl!

    Popping open the bottle of champagne .... pouring it into the glasses ... toasting around the world for ChloeSS new BJ Birkin!!! YIPPIEE!!!!

    Man, spring is really in the air and Birkins are popping up everywhere!
  3. I'm so happy for you!! Congrats!! When will it be my turn??
  4. Welldone Girl!! I'm so happy for you...!! All these successes in Birkin hunting proove that a lot of it is luck: the more you go into yor local Hermès the more you're likely to find YOUR Birkin waiting for you...;) :biggrin:
  5. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Please share pictures if you can, I can't get enough!

    Now that is fate, along with baggaholic's BJ acquisition!
  6. Wow, congrats! That's so very lucky for you! Wear it well and don't forget to post pictures so we can live vicariously!! :lol:
  7. Congratulations!!! Yes,pictures!!!!
  8. ChloeSS, CONGRATULATIONS!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Toasting the champagne that La Van opened! :lol: *clink*

    Please post pics for us!!!!!! :amuse:
  9. Toast to one lucky lady...good for you! Please share your pictures and I hope the good luck starts dpreading my way stateside.
  10. Congrats! There is nothing better than getting it at the store!
  11. Congratulations!! How exciting for you - Everyone around it seems is getting the bag of their dreams!! Enjoy and pics please!
  12. Congrats! How exciting....can't wait to see pictures.
  13. Let the Birkin spring wave go around the world so all of us in the list "Who's waiting next for the Birkin?" can have our bags this spring!!!!
  14. congratulations!!! on that new Birkin- definitely was meant to be :biggrin:
  15. Congrats, ChloeSS! Sounds like it was meant to be :amuse: Post pictures when you can!