Everyone here knows How I am in still in search for the venteia

  1. eBay: NEW AUTH. MARC JACOBS QUILTED VENETIA, PETROL BLUE. (item 260014959477 end time Aug-06-06 20:58:11 PDT)

    came across that, I noticed her starting bid was waaay to low for an MJ bag. So I emailed her asking her for close up photos of the Marc Jacobs tag and also the number that should be attached inside the tag. This was her response:

    "Hi, I am not certain if you are asking me a question or critizing my auction. The bag is authentic as clearly stated, and I am sorry if you do not like the pictures I provided and seem to want to tell me how I should and should not take pictures. Thank you. "

    In any case I reported her to ebay.
  2. She definitely shouldnt have snapped at you, authentic or not! Most sellers would have no problem with taking additional pictures. Shame on her.
  3. She shouldn't have snapped at you. That's wrong.
  4. listing removed, great job!
  5. Another bad seller bites the dust! :nuts:
  6. in the words of Stephanie Tanner, "How rude!" Responses like this always make me hesitant about asking for pics. Just another thing when dealing with ebay. I love the ones that say they will send pics, but never do, hmmm....
  7. I am so glad you reported her, now she can take her attitude along with her fake bag and have a nice day, can you say auction removed?
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. good job!!! another faker off the ebay circuit!!!
  10. That's so rude! I don't see why sellers get so defensive about it. It's a legitimate question since the item is often counterfeited.