Everyone Help me..What do u think abt this bag???

  1. Hi~ Im thinking to buy this little tote but in white handle with it..
    I saw this bag early this year but today when i saw it the price went up like $100 I dun know why......:shrugs::shrugs: I should got last time....
    Aniwaiz, What do you think about this bag??? Do you think is this bag will last long like LV??? Tell me what u think guys...;););)

    I attached the photo of the bag here for u..:yahoo::yahoo:
  2. I thought the white was from a few seasons ago and I could've sworn that it did eventually go on sale..Does anyone else remember that? I could be wrong...
  3. It's a gorgeous bag and the quality of Gucci bags is excellent IMO. I bought a Gucci bag with off-white leather trim awhile back and it still looks as good as new. Here's a pic of my bag.

    I'm not sure about the pricing of the bag you are interested in, so I cannot comment on it.
  4. Kat I love your bag. Very stylish.
  5. Love that bag, Kat!
  6. Kat great bag! I have the smaller version mongram w/blk lthr trim!:yes: Love the Bamboo pull!