Everyone has the same bag! Does it bother you?

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  1. I’ve been seeing so many reveals of the Pochette Metis in reverse mono and mono lately that I’m wondering if it affects how you feel about the bag? Sometimes I feel that it isn’t so special anymore and use mine less. It’s like everyone has it...n I personally don’t really like being part of the masses. What about u?
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    No. I buy things that I like (based on aesthetics and function) and can’t help it if others share my impeccable taste ;). Also this is a LV forum and the brand only makes so many styles for the global market, so of all places I would expect to see others with my bags on here.
  3. I swear every single time I used my Artsy mm, I see it on several different people. I just don't get it. I never see it unless I am wearing mine. Once at TJMaxx waiting in checkout there was someone else with it 2 shoppers up. I was like, SERIOUSLY???? I have had that bag 3 times. I would get so disgusted I would sell it. Now though... I have the handle wrapped in a catogram bandeau w/ catogram cat face charm and I removed the normal artsy hanging thing so I made it original. I don't want to sell my 3rd Artsy. It's staying! But I needed to make it my own. For some reason I don't get perturbed when I see a hundred neverfulls when I am using mine or speedy. Just the Artsy would bother me. ~ XOXO
  4. I don’t have this happen when I’m out as the great majority of what I buy is LE. I was actually super surprised and excited the one time I saw another rose ikat Neverfull out in the wild.
  5. I had the PM mono when I was in town one day and I saw three more (in various conditions) that day. Does not bother me at all. Great bag! :biggrin:
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  6. Nope, it doesn't bother me because I've NF which is one of the most popular model. If I'm looking for an unique bag, I'd order a custom made one by hand at a fraction price of LV.
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  7. The reality is that you are undoubtedly “part of the masses” anyway, like most of us on this earth! So relax, and enjoy wearing your bags without worrying too much about who else owns the same model!
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  8. Haha
  9. These are pretty much mass produced items, especially the permanent collection pieces. There is no reason to think that they are so unique. Lots and lots of people will have them. Get used to it.
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  10. Although I rarely see that many LV bags in my area, it does not bother me to see someone with the same bag as mine. These people would be strangers to me, and it is highly likely that I will never see them again. If all of your friends have the same bag, that could be a little odd, LOL.
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  11. I have a NF and a Speedy B so I expect to see a ton of bags like them. Honestly, I like that these bags are so coveted.
  12. it's everywhere in all leathers and prints. I mainly see the prints but I'm still happy to walk to the beat.
  13. If you like a popular item then it's sort of a given there will be a lot of people with them. I do like having the "unique" item one in awhile but I also don't really care if a lot of people have it. You like what you like and that has nothing to do with other people ;)
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  14. No ,it does not bother me . I see a lot more LV bags these days . Not just the Pochette Metis . I carry what I like . LV is becoming more popular . So I kind of except this to happen .
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  15. Yup. I would not carry a Neverfull if they left it on my doorstep. I love my MCM tote and how so few women carry them. I feel almost like I belong to a secret society. LOL. I love that so many of the bags I own are under the radar, like my Frenchies used to be. It seems that once the demand becomes high, the quality goes out the door. Regarding the Pochette Metis I just purchased, I love that the Monogram Leather makes the bag look so different and unique and cannot wait to add custom straps to make it even less recognizable.
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