Everyone has a Louis Vuitton!

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  1. I was at the mall today - every other woman/girl had a LV (the classic monogram mostly) on her arm - I can't tell by just passing someone (unless it's a dead giveaway) if they are real or not but there were so many of them, I'm sure there were tons of fakes - I don't even want to buy another one until LV does something drastic about this - it's getting ridiculous!!!
  2. I agree there are tons of fakes and some are really good. Its getting harder to tell with some of them.
  3. I feel the same way. I remember the same thing when I was younger. Everyone and their mother had a tacky LV ripoff. Now when I see them, real or no, I just think they look trashy.
  4. I saw the same thing yesterday at the mall here. I had my paddington, I haven't seen anyone here with one :biggrin:
  5. I haven't seen anyone here with a Paddington either. Of course, I don't frequent the hangouts of the stars. :amuse:
  6. that's how i start disliking bags...seeing too many people with them. i don't think i'd ever buy a mono lv (except for the popincort haut because it's sooo cute) but maybe a damier, denim, or something. i'm even getting sick of coach because everyone is getting one (real or fake). it sucks!
  7. I recently fell in love with LV and I constantly ask questions here before getting anything. LOL. I really like the barrel shaped ones and the Vernis line is my favorite.
  8. yeah thats true even on this side of the world! BUT i've got my initials stamped on my bag :biggrin: something different, i guess you cant see it unless you walk right up to me and go "geez, whats that?!!!" hehehehe!
  9. that's why i'm looking on ebay for a speedy that already has a patina - even though some of the fakes patina too, i think one with naked vachetta tends to look fake.
  10. I saw that too today at the mall way too many Speedy 25 going around some has to hang the little key out to show that it is real. lol
  11. Where I live you mostly see Coach and D&B- and fake Coach and D&B but not too many LV's. I saw a teenage girl with a fake D&B hearts bag at the grocery store yesterday.

    Only a few people have LV's and they are mostly real. There is a large asian population in my area and they are the ones you see carrying LV's. One 18 year old I used to work with had SEVERAL LV cerises bags and they were real. :nuts:
  12. Other people may be carrying LVs, and it may be hard to tell if they're real or not. But carrying my LVs make me feel so good, so it doesn't really matter if everyone else has one. ;)
  13. Could not agree more! I just love my LV bag so I really don't mind that everyone else too carrying theirs same style or whatever. It's the feeling of "it's mine and it's not fake "and no one can take that feeling away. I am sure the other people love their bags just as much so I am all cool~:idea:
  14. I agree that wearing a LV makes you feel good - wearing beautiful authentic fine things makes everyone feel good but my point is that " Imitation is the sincerest form of forgery" and I'm not losing sleep over it but nevertheless, it isn't right.
  15. I love carrying mine but I do dislike seeing everyone and their grandma carrying one, fake or real. I have started purchasing vintage travel pieces so I can still fulfill my LV fetish but don't have to think about everyone else having the same piece. :love: