Everyone, Einstein. Einstein, everyone.

  1. We got a puppy in the house!!!!!! His name is Einstein, and he's my little brother's. I've been away from home for 4 years now, but I come home every month. Starting next year, I will be coming home less frequently (change in coast). There are 3 kids in our family and the middle one is going away to college next year (the bigger blow, honestly), so we were all worried about the 9-year-old who will be left at home and we talked about getting a dog. We threw the idea around for a while, but didn't make plans. Then my dad came home the other day with a little puppy, just out of the blue! Peter (the little one) is thrilled and he's already soooo attached to him. Anyway, his name is Einstein. Hope you like him! He's a cutie. Just look at those eyebrows! (I wanted to name him Groucho :graucho:).
    Einstein and bone.jpg Einstein.jpg
  2. Awww.. He is so cute!!!!
  3. So CUTE I wanna bite him
  4. Sooooo cute!!!!
  5. I LOVE puppies!!!! He's adorable and looks so soft and shiny.
  6. HAHA! My dogs name is EINSTEIN too!!!!! LOL!
    How cute is that!!!!
    Such a cutie pie!!!
  7. awww, so delicious!!! What kind of dog is he?
  8. How adorable!!!
  9. how cute! what breed is he?
  10. Oh my god, could he be more adorable?:heart:
  11. He's an American cocker spaniel. Jill! Great minds think alike! They also like other great minds! Thanks for all the Einstein love, you guys :heart:.
  12. awww, hes soooo cute!!!!! I love him!
  13. He's adorable!!! I :heart: puppies!

    CONGRATULATIONS to you and your family--Einstein too!
  14. Lovely cute puppy, think the name is brilliant
  15. What a cutie, I just want to cuddle him!