Everyone can afford a Hermes?

  1. I saw that lots of you have a few Birkin (even croco!!), I guess I won't be able to afford, or maybe just can't spend that sum of money on a bag, at least in another 1-2 years. I was wondering if you purchased your bag yourself (using your disposable but hard earned income), or you got them as a gift from your bf or DH?

    For me, I have a Kelly and bought an Evelyne today. I think that's about it at least for this year. I purchased these 2 bags using my own money (actually half of my monthly income comes from my husband, hehe, and half earned by myself at work).

    Also, what is the proportion of your money (own earnings or pocket money from your DH) spent on Hermes this year or in a year?
  2. I pay everyting with myself on my rather amusing salary, hence I do not have a Kelly, Birkin etc yet. There are other bags than the big names/big prices category.
  3. i dont own a H bag yet but when i do it will be payed for by me. handbags are a luxury abd unless it was a special gift i wouldnt expect anyone to buy it for me.
  4. Everyone here is in a unique position. Some are career gals who make big bucks, with and without husbands to buy presents Some are at home raising children while the H works outside the home for both. Some are on their own and have to save up longer than others. Some are older women and the fiances are complicated by then, so can't say what is who's, it's all been accumulated as a family unit. All of us share a love for the H brand, IMO.
  5. So far any expensive bag I have has been bought by ME--except for one $1500 bag several years ago, and God knows why DH thought it was a good idea since it's both a style and a color that I rarely use. And not my favorite brand. But I love him for the thought!! :love: He has promised to buy me a specific Birkin when a specific thing happens in our lives--sort of a celebration, if you will--but in the meantime anything I buy comes out of my own income & savings. To me, that is part of what makes my Hermes things so wonderful and affirming; they are a statement of my success as an individual. Would I enjoy having someone buy everything for me? Maybe, but maybe not. I personally might find that demoralizing after a while, which is why even though he can technically afford nearly any single item I might ever want, I would never ask for the things to be bought for me.

    Of course I realize that this is a very "Western" point of view, as I am an American. I'm certain that there are plenty of other viewpoints on the subject, which is understandable and completely appropriate based on varying cultural norms around the world.
  6. Hey Cyn - *backing away slowly* - this is another thread that could heat up. One BBQ per day is enough. :yahoo:
  7. sad to say, no man has ever bought me Hermes!!! lol, and i did start out small but worked my way up to a beautiful number of bags and scarves and other nice things, it is wonderful that we are all here to celebrate each other's choices and it does not matter if you have one kelly or 20 croc birkins, they are all fantastic and noteworthy!!! so save your pennies if there is a bag that you want or scarf too, having 20 croc bags does not make any bit of difference other than maybe having very good taste (but 20 is definately overkill IMO hehehe). :heart::tup:
  8. One good perk of paying for your own bags is... noone knows the price but you!
    Joke aside, I pay for my clothes and accessories myself but everyone is different: there is not one typical TPFer, and everyone is entitled to their choice of life :flowers:
  9. ohohh....i think this Q is very personal...to the point of being inquisitive:rolleyes:

    but...for the heck of it...answer away! lolz!:p

    I buy my H with my own money (earned from single blessedness). I am not blessed with a well off dh, thou (bless him) as much as he try to support and finance my expensive hobby or whatchayacallit! The most expensive bag he bought me (after too much pouting!) is a Lady Dior bag for $1650.

    After working too hard in your single days, denying yourself with the things that really makes your :heart:ding ding! Now, I am pondering myself...is it worth it to deny yourself? Life is too short not to enjoy your hard earned money....instead of letting others enjoy it to the point of not working hard or strive anymore coz its just there!

    So...even if I have to unload some of my investments to finance my H....why not? it makes me happy and I dont want to die or get old....wondering with the what if's!

  10. Oh. I have to live on MacDonald's to fund my H addiction.
  11. sometimes i sell other things to make myself feel better to pay for a new bag...i do not just buy and buy and buy, some has to go out for new to come in.
  12. Life is too short:wlae:, just be happy if you can pay for it yourself, if someone is generous enough to buy it for/with you or whichever way you can attain what you love without any ill feelings. :wlae:
  13. I like how Nola referred to her salery as amusing-that cracked me up.

    And Boudoir, you are so right...I need to keep the price of Hermes very, very quiet to the DH. I spend my own money, but always encourage him to buy himself more and more expensive fly-fishing or surgery equipment so he has very, very little room to talk!!:graucho:
  14. Amen, star.
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: That's the funniest thing I have EVER heard you say, MrsS! Somehow I doubt you eat McDonalds very often...but the mental image is so funny!! Love it.