Everyone at Wal Mart Had Coach Today

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  1. Wow, seems like every lady I passed at Wal Mart had a Coach today. All but 1 were authentic. It was a very bad fake, kinda like a patchwork - it was yuck! Wish I had snapped a photo w/my phone. Interesting that there were so many Coaches. I always want to go up to ladies with Coaches and start a conversation. I usually look for a few seconds to see if they return my "Coach gaze" but they never do. I guess most ladies, even if they have Coach, are not as obsessed as me over meeting a fellow Coach lover :graucho:
    By the way, this was just after my return from the outlet where I spent $1500 - but I will be returning 2 other bags that cost $850 so that is $650 I spent. I am returning my pond satchel which was $500 and I found a turquoise ergo on sale for $100 less than the one I bought at PCE so I am returning the more expensive one. I got a men's Soho tote in dark brown leather - ladies, it is gorgeous! So thick and roomy yet so lightweight. It looks feminine with a Legacy scarf and pink flower coin purse on it. I will post pics later. It is perfect for work. It is just like the Legacy leather tote only larger and no turnlock. By the way, I got one of those too in white! I also got a large white patent ergo hobo and a butter colored Hamptons pebbled leather satchel. Whew!!! Pretty good for only $650!!
  2. 70011.jpg pink.jpg
  3. great finds! dont worry- i do the same thing when i spot a fellow coach girl! lol. althoguh i noticed that in the states practically everyone had coach, here in Canada, they are a bit more rare
  4. Nice haul!! I'd be in big trouble if I lived that close to an outlet! I think the men's bag will look nice with the feminine touches :tup:
    And I'm lol about the Coach sisterhood. I always pay attention to what other people are carrying. The people I've had pay attention to me have noticed my choc Carly! It's quite the conversation starter :smile: If I see someone with a choc carly, I will actually approach them!
  5. I love spotting Coaches too and hardly ever get a nod back when I have one too, oh well.

    I LOVE that tote and congrats on your haul!! :drool:
  6. the "Coach gaze" LOL:roflmfao: I always do the Coach gaze too!
    Nice Haul by the way! I would love to see pics. I think I saw the butter pebbled leather you bought. Does it have a mahogany handle? You would be fun to shop. I love shopping with friends who do big hauls. :smile:
  7. I had an identical experience today. I walk into costco and I felt like the only person not wearing a coach bag is my mom (she had on cole haan today). Although a few of them were fake, there was just coach everywhere. It kinda looked like the coach store threw up.
    I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

    And you great such great deals, I wish I could find stuff liek that.
  8. this is kinda why I've been leaning towards leather lately. I always buy signature but EVERYONE has sig. All leather seems to be the way to go if you want something diff than the crowd.
  9. :wlae:I do the exact same thing when out and I spot others wearing their Coach bags. I wait for that "Coach Gaze" and wonder.......is she a fellow tPFer. Wouldn't it be wondeful if we could spot our fellow tPFer's.
  10. Exactly!! And if it's a substantial bag (like the Mirandas, Andreas, Lilies), you'll get folks asking.

    When I first started wearing my Andrea, people used to stop me and ask about it!!

    Add to that, I only saw one person in regular daily life wearing it. I did see another person, but that was the day I went to the outlet and she'd just bought hers that day!! :graucho:
  11. I usually admire other coaches but avoid the coach gaze for fear that someone might think I am too obsessed...but I always wonder who is a fellow pfer!!
  12. Wow, you got a lot! Makes me want to go shopping! And here I was contemplating spending that much on an LV wallet...
  13. Oh it'd be so cool to know who's a tPF'er...don't we have a secret handsign or something, LOL :okay:.
  14. These are quietly elegant bags, they get the attention they deserve!
  15. I went out to dinner last night and I counted about 6 Coach bags there. The TPF'er do have a special keyring they bought, but I think it would be real hard to spot, even if it were hanging on a purse. And someone may have forgotten to transfer it from the old purse to the new purse that day.