Everyone at Hermes NYC safe and sound

  1. I think by now we heard about the building exploding at 62nd and Madison, very close to Hermes. I was finally able to track down my SA (I had to tell him I wasn't stalking him for a Birkin). Heehee. They had to close the store early but everyone is doing well. I was relieved needless to say. Just wanted to share the good news with everyone.:yes:
  2. Good to hear!!! I've been listening to the radio all day--some crazy doctor going through a divorce. Shhhhsh.
  3. will they be open tommorow you think?
  4. Hope so, so someone can report on everything
  5. Thank goodness all's okay ... That is just so scary ...
  6. I hope the explosion rocked a few Birkins off the shelves in the back room and out onto the selling floor!
  7. :lol:
  8. :lol: :graucho:
  9. I'm so glad they are ok too. I gave them a call just to check if things were alright and my SA said things were going well too! :yes:
  10. I just walked by, and the mess is unbelivable, but the store looked perfect!
  11. tell me about it... i've heard that divorces are just as painful as a death in the family but man...:sad:

    well at least all the SAs are fine.
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