Everyday/work bag - LV? Chanel?

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  1. My problem: I have four “luxury” purses but nothing to wear to work everyday - ha!

    I have two Chanel purses: a classic flap m/l and a mini top handle - both black caviar, a Diorever mini in a pale peachy pink, and a little blue Miu Miu I bought pre owned (my first). None of these seem right for the office, you know?

    So I am contemplating for my next purchase something more practical, maybe a LV Neverfull (I don’t need to carry tons everyday but it would also be good for travel, rainy days) or a pre owned Chanel GST (a little concerned they might start looking dated and are overpriced due to being discontinued). I’ve also toyed with the idea of something like a Chloe Marcie but that just seems neither here nor there- like buying something I don’t love to protect the ones I do from the day to day (and my Miu Miu can and does do that). Any thoughts?
  2. I owned a cerf tote years ago and it was a wonderful, everyday bag. It's long been discontinued but I'm sure one can still get it pre-loved. But I also highly recommend LV neverfull for daily use, very roomy and low maintenance.
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  3. Have you looked at the longchamp Penelope tote? I was in a serious hunt for a work bag and loved that one because it’s pebbled leather so it won’t scratch, it has a spot for a laptop and papers, and a bunch of pockets, and a zipper! But at 900 bucks, I couldn’t justify the price for a work bag and instead got a cuyana tote, which I also love but it isn’t a luxury bag but more suits what I need. But if I was going to buy a luxury work bag, I’d get the Penelope
  4. GST is heavier to carry everyday compared to LV neverfull
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  5. I have a LV neverfull for the Office. I use my Chanel’s when I’m off work.
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  6. I have the Neverfull but I love the lockme tote as an everyday tote. I love how it lays comfortably against my body while I’m running at round with it on my shoulder.
  7. I own the Chanel Cerf Tote and LV Neverfull and I have to say, as a Chanel fan, I prefer the Neverfull as it is lighter and easier to carry. The Cerf can get quite heavy if you bring a lot of folders, laptop, etc.
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  8. I have a few luxury bags but none I feel I can use everyday for work. I take a train and then walk half a mile in rain ☔️ and snow ❄️ I would be devastated if I ruined them. Sometimes I feel like it’s such a waste to have these 1-3k bags and only use them on occasion. I was going to get the Ophidia tote with the coated canvas. It looks like a good size and had a zipper top. But I found a similar bag at TJMAXX. It’s smaller but it still has the zippered top and inside pockets here’s a pic of the TJMAXX GUCCI I got as well as the ophidia tote.

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  9. I bought the GST with the intention of using it as a travel tote and it’s the most ridiculous thought ever lol it is heavy and boxy but looks ready nice for work. the neverful is definitely a much better choice IMO. I don’t carry a lot to work and I am looking for a daily bag too and I decided on the speedy bandoulier 25 (and I can use it for travelling too!!) I haven’t even gone in store to check it out and they already put the price up recently in Australia bummer :sad:
  10. I have the LV neverfull as my work bag (and my Prada Galleria too) and its great for travel as well since its very roomy. Between your choice of the Neverfull and GST, I say pick the Neverfull.
  11. I have a black epi neverfull for my work bag and it’s perfect for that use. It fits a ton, has more structure than other neverfulls, and is great to travel with.
  12. Wait, I didn't know the Neverfull came in leather options, I thought it was only canvas?
  13. Burberry totes are a good alternative! They material is pretty robust and the pattern is more on the "subtle".
  14. Yep, the MM size comes in a couple different leather options outside of black epi too.
  15. For a work bag that looks pricey but isn't, is still 100% leather and their leather is buttery and high quality I highly recommend Brahmin Medium Asher tote. Their croco embossing is amazing and they are known for mixing textures etc. They cost around 500.00 US so not so expensive if you damage it from daily use. I'd be leery of spending thousands on a work bag. For me the luxury bags are for special occasions or evening etc. Or daily use outside of work.
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