Everyday tote poll: neverfull vs hampstead

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  1. I want an everyday purse. I am debating between a MONO neverfull, DAMIER neverfull OR a DAMIER hampstead. As for the size, I'm not sure whether I want an MM or a GM..I'm 5'4 and 110 pounds, petite. I think the MM looks good for my size but the GM may fit more stuff (i have a lot of junk in my purse usually lol). Thank you!! ;);)
  2. I think if your going to use everyday taking weather into consideration....Damier...but as for style l would go Hampstead...Good luck:smile:
  3. DAMIER Hampstead
  4. Hampstead for sure.
  5. Go for a Hampstead MM
  6. Hampstead MM! I'm getting one to use for school:yahoo:
  7. I'd go for the Hampstead too.
  8. Hampstead because it's more structured.
  9. I don't have the hampstead so I can't comment on that one, but the NF is great. I love this bag!!!
    I vote NF!!!
  10. Another vote for Hampstead :yes:
  11. The Hampstead would suit you best!
    It is very functional, elegant, and the size is good enough for your needs.
    I say go for the GM, just in case you need the extra space.
  12. Damier Hampstead gets my vote as well!
  13. Love my NF MM, it's like my bottomless pit, everything is in there and the staps stay on your shoulders..great everyday bag. But, if you need to carry a laptop, books, I recommend Hampstead, its more structured, and she's very pretty!
  14. I strongly suggest Damier MM or GM. I have the pm in azur, but wish got the MM instead, just so I can carry in nicely in the shoulder
  15. I have both- get Hampstead. I'm just not as in love with my NF as I was when I first got it. Hampstead is so much cuter