Everyday tote: Longchamp Le Pliage or Lululemon Effortless Tote?

  1. I have 2 children under the age of 5. My style is pretty laid back, active but nice. I might be wearing Lululemon or Tuff Athletics black capris, a cute jacket, and tank or t, but I make sure to look relaxed but polished. Think Reese Witherspoon in terms of style. (Not looks, I wish! :smile:

    I am looking for a new everyday tote for the spring/summer and whatever to throw my stuff in and go. This would be a purse alternative for the day when I am on the go, with kiddos.

    I am looking at getting either a:

    1. Longchamp Le Pliage...probably large? In Bilberry (Everyone knows what this is)


    2. Lululemon Effortless tote in black

    Sandra Bullock is rocking one in this pic. It has awesome reviews on the lulu site

    Which would you choose? TIA!
  2. Longchamp for sure. The Lululemon is way too gym-bag-ish. It seems overwhelming for everyday wear.

    The Le Pliage can be dressed up or down.

  3. I agree. The Lululemon is cute but could only be worn for very casual outings IMO.

    You see a lot of Le Pliage but it's because it's so practical.
  4. I would go for the Le Pliage!! It is way more versatile (like what Vinyl said -- can be dressed up or down especially with the Bilberry colour). The Lululemon tote looks too casual and masculine.
  5. I vote for the Longchamp too! I have the medium in Billberry and it's a beautiful color. The only thing I think is that you should get a purse organizer for the inside...everything gets all jumbled together in my large le pliage and it's such a pain! I can't imagine having to dig to find something with two kids in tow!
  6. I would go for Longchamp. Far more versatile.
  7. Totally agree 100 percent
  8. Le Pliage of course.
  9. Longchamp all the way!
  10. I am a fan of the Lululemon bag, I think that would make a better gym bag. I have the Lululemon triumph Tote and I love it. Worth the money especially if
    you like having all the extra pockets.
  11. Le Pliage for the versatility.

    And I agree with msspooky09, a purse organizer will keep your stuff in place and give it some shape if you don't like bag sag. I use an extra jumbo Purse To Go organizer in my large Le Pliage and love it.
  12. Longchamp Le Pliage. Great for carrying your kid's things and the color is beautiful. Buy the long handled ones!
  13. Le Pliage hands down! Like others have already mentioned, it can be dressed up or down and the Lulumon looks like a gym-style bag.

    Good luck!
  14. Oh dear! I don't care for this Lululemon messenger bag at all. It's just too big and floppy...I really wouldn't want to be mistaken for a bike courier :smile: the material looks smooth, thick and strong...I'll say that for it.

    My vote goes to Longchamp le pliage :smile:
  15. Another vote for longchamp. I think the lulu lemon one looks way too casual..the long champ can go most anywhere