Everyday the price of the jumbo goes up $1.73

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  1. I wanted to look at how much price increases will affect my ability to afford Chanel in the future. The increases in the East West, Jumbo, GST seem to be the largest. Based on self-reported numbers from tpf, the jumbo, over the last 1.5 years has increased $1.73 each day! I am sure the rate will have to slow down and start to cap off at some point but this really makes me question if the increases are too much. Many of the Chanel forums reference posts are actually data points in this chart. The highest price of $3425 is for the patent goatskin jumbo for Fall 2008. (Thanks for the info Smooth). Sorry for being overly nerdy :shame: but I thought it would be interesting for some of you.

    jumbo prices.JPG
  2. This is interesting, cool chart. And $1.73 a day, sounds like a small amount till you add it up. Intersteing indeed!
  3. Wow... great info. When you put it like that, it really puts it into perspective. $1.73 per day is kind of ridiculous, considering the prices are only going up. That's another $1.73 per day out of my pocket if I want a new bag, on TOP of the inflated prices that the bags are at now. :sad:

    Thanks for posting, the graph was great for visualization.
  4. your cool! i love the chart. great visual.
  5. cool stats!
  6. Cool thing you got there. I printed that out, haha will come in handy when I get my next bag, just in case hubby freaks[​IMG]out.
  7. Hmmm, definitely interesting! Thanks for sharing!
  8. This is interesting .... thanks for plotting the chart....
  9. Very interesting indeed...
  10. that reminds me, I have to start my homework.
  11. wow thanks for spending time to make this chart. interesting info you got there!!!! :P yea i too think the price increase is getting a little out of hand and is a bit ridiculous for them to jack up the price SO much in such a short period of time. i'll definitely be more selective from now on, ie. no easily-dated-trendy pieces :smile:
  12. thanks for making an effort to work out on this and post it here! Interesting to know~
  13. Very, very interesting! Thanks so much for doing that!!
  14. very interesting!
  15. interesting! thanks