Everyday shoulder tote recommendation

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  1. Hello there,
    I need an advice on a good everyday bag with shoulder strap / straps option. I am basically looking for a tote. I looked at several LVs (they now have neverfull in epi leather which is very nice but no colors that I like), I considered bottega, but it's a little too bagy / doesn't hold it's shape.
    I have 2 birkins and love hermes quality! But I am not familiar that well with the range of bag styles that they offer. I think garden party is more of a everyday / travel bag, is this correct? Does it have a shoulder wear option? I have a toddler and I need both hands sometimes as well as make sure this bag would be easy to clean. I think garden party either comes in canvas or leather, is the leather one very heavy? I would like a lighter bag especially if I need to carry the baby in my arms as well...
    I would really appreciate any advice! I need something spacious, shoulder wear option and easy to clean...
    Thank you all in advance!
  2. How about a double sens? It is a leather purse; I'm not sure if you would consider that "easy to clean". I guess it depends what you are cleaning up.
  3. these are a few i can think of.

    so kelly
    double sens
    picotin gm

    the kelly/bolide/toolbox have shoulder strap options too..

    they all have pros and cons. depends on what you want to put in the bag really and how you use it..

    - ease of access (zip vs no zip, turnlock closure)
    - weight (full leather lined vs no leather lining vs canvas) ,
    - short or long shoulder straps, hand carry option
    - width (boxy, thin)

    best to research in the relevant clubhouse threads on these bags...
  4. And you may add Cabag Elan, which has both shoulder and hand-carry options, a great bag!
  5. Victoria 35cm goes on the shoulder. Very good mommy bag in my opinion.
  6. Double Sens for sure! I have a toddler and it is the perfect bag! I recommend purchasing a purse organizer to keep it clean. It also makes it easy to switch sides. I have it in the gold/orange combo and it is one of my absolute favorite bags! Especially during the infant and toddler years:smile:
  7. The first thing comes to my mind is the double sens. But it is very slouchy.
  8. Do you want a zipper? If not, double sens and GP come to mind though the straps on a GP might slip off the shoulder if shoulder carried. If you want a zipper, i think the victoria is a great option.
  9. Consider the lindy
  10. Do you have certain type of closure in mind? Lindy & Victoria have zippers. Double Sens is wide open. GP has a snap closure. So K has a kelly-typed clasp. Also some are lined in canvas like Victoria and some in leather like So K. Those that are lined with leather tend to be heavier. I agree with Bababebi that Victoria would make a baby friendly bag in that it's canvas lined and can be zipped up but if you need quick access where you don't need to unzip then consider other styles. If you may be carrying your baby then may be a cross body bag like Evelyne may work better. Anything on the shoulders still need to be fussed with at least in my experience. G'luck deciding!
  11. Double sens ..for its almost bottomless pit capacity. The Victoria also excellent and carries very well on the shoulder because of its thicker straps.
  12. Thank you so much for your suggestions. Some names are definitely familiar and some I have never even heard before. I like double sens, I found many colors on Canadian website. We are in nyc, wondering if there are any in the store. Thanks ladies!!
  13. victoria is my go-to bag. i love that it is super roomy with a broad base.
  14. A Double Sens in Sikkim weighs a lot less than in Clemence but costs more. Also highly recommend an insert. DS are fairly easy to find, depends on which c/w and leather you prefer. Enjoy your hunt!
  15. A Trim is a nice streamlined option if you can find one (gently used).