Everyday Purse

  1. What color purse do you use as an everyday bag or do you switch according to your outfit?:smile:
  2. I wear my large Carly in khaki/ebony. It matches everything no matter what, brown or black. :yes: I also have a white Ali I wear sometimes. :tup:
  3. i use my lg khaki/chocolate carly everyday. she is my ultimate love. i will switch out for a special something, or if i am going out and don't want to get her nasty and dirty.
  4. I like to switch depending on my outfit... usually.

    I can't stop using my Whiskey Chloe Paddington at the moment though...
  5. Recently I've been using a khaki/coal Large Bleecker Flap because it goes with everything. But I find black or whiskey/rust colored bags to be very versatile as well. I rarely have to think about whether they will coordinate with an outfit when I carry any of them.
  6. I use whatever bag I'm currently loving the most until I get totally bored with it, then I switch off to something else. But if I happen to be carrying a color bag, like I am at the moment (pond shoulder bag), I just try to avoid wearing colors that will clash with it, or I switch it out.
  7. I have been switching between my large sig bleecker duffle in black and my khaki should tote. i like the larger duffle at the moment and keep using that the most!
  8. med carly blakc sig
  9. Im such a casual dresser ya know jeans and t's that I never bother to match my bags to my clothes. My madeling goes with everything I think:yes:
    Ebay Pics 727.jpg
  10. I need to do a better job of switching my bags. I have so many and don't get the use I should be getting out of them. Its just a hassel to move everything in and out of the bag.
  11. It depends on what I am doing. I have 2 small children so that changes from day to day whether I need a crossbody,shoulder bag, diaper bag, tote, or just a wristlet.
  12. I have been using my Black Medium lily....here lately.................but I usually like to use my Whiskey Mandy....goes with everything.
  13. Currently my black gallery tote.

    I think it works great because rain and snow arent going to hurt it and its black it goes with everything.
    Plus I like to give new bags their turn :smile:

    Once something new arrives Ms Gallery will join her friends in the bag closet.
  14. Currently my black Ali. But I tend to switch between that and my chocolate sig Ergo hobo.
  15. Most of the time, I use either my Whiskey Ali or my Black Ali (depending on my outfit) but on occasion, I do try to switch them out with my other Coach purses, too, to try and get some use out of them (one of my New Year's Coach Resolution).