Everyday Purse Essentials

  1. Hello all, I was just rearranging my LV Speedy 30 today and I happened to notice that I carry absolutely nothing in such a big bag. The most I have are my pochette, lip gloss, feminine products, cell phones, money and my credit cards...lol
    Obviously there is no reason why I should be carrying such a big bag but whatever. :shame:

    So my question is, what do you gals (and guys) consider must have, bag essentials to be? Im thinking that maybe I should carry a comb and a small mirror or something, but that's all I can think of. Anyone?

    I'm aware that there is a thread to post what's inside your bag but Im interested in everyone's opinions. Also, if there is another thread like this feel free to LOCK, I couldn't find anything in the search. :graucho:
  2. I :heart: big bags, and often does not have enough things to put inside the bag as well. Usually I will have a small cosmetic bag (containing a small brush, lip glosses, small compact with mirror, lip balm, and 1-2 pantyliner and band-aids), my Prada zip around continental wallet, cell phone, a pack of tissue, keys, and a box of Altoid minis.

    My bf thinks I crazy toting around my large muse with next to nothing inside.
  3. I take turns between small and large purses, but I must admit I like smaller one that I can crossover my body during sunny day. Winter....mmmm that's different story... big bags will be my choice.
    What do I usually carry around ?: keys, cellph, wallet for (CC, Driver License, Insurance), lipgloss, some vending coins for junkfood/soda crave and tissue.

    The sad part is that I love reading magazine, and small purse won't accomodate mgzns :wlae:
  4. I carry lipstick, my phones, etc. when I'm just going out, but in the day I usually need a larger bag. I need anything from a small notebook to a map, to my phones, pens, lipstick, a bottle of water, etc.
  5. Most of the time I carry: wallet, keys, cell phone, my case for my glasses, lip gloss, small make up case (more than most of the time), change purse, mirror, travel size bottle of baby lotion, Tylenol, swiss army knife (I took from my husband), pen, agenda book, gum, and sometimes a little snack and/or water.
  6. Well, I am almost always with my toddler and on weekends the rest of the family (11 Ds and DH). For me, I need my wallet, keys, cell phone and feminine products and that's about it. If we will be out for a long time, I'll bring a bottle of water or a can of soda.

    For DS who is just turning 2.5 for ANY trip out of the house, I need diaper changing stuff, handwipes, change of outfit, water, snacks and if going to a park, mosquito repellant, bandaids and sunscreen - though that is is seasonal.

    Come cooler months, I'll carry a sweater for him.

    When it's just me? I really, really only need a small bag and feel silly carrying a HUGE bag! Even the Andrew Marc Faith is probably too big for me when it's JUST me, but that is sooooooo rare.

    When I go back to work next year, I'll need to take my lunch, files and/or computer, snacks, pens, paper and if going by train, something to read, Ipod, pda, etc. Boy... I'm actually itching to go back to work. I really must be getting some sleep finally! (DS is STILLLLLLL not sleeping through the night, though it is better than it was!)
  7. I love big bags because when I carry small bags I always forget something or buy something that won't fit in the bag. I carry keys, wallet, planner, all kinds of pens, checkbook, my son's inhaler, lotion, lip gloss, aspirin. I think I got used to carrying a lot when my kids were small and now I continue to do so.
  8. My big bag was stuffed today! Here's what I had in it: camera (goes everywhere with me!), water bottle, change of shoes, aspirin, planner, full-sized notepad, wallet, pen case, comb, keys, various makeup items, self-defensive thingy (probably shouldn't say what exactly).

    I consider this pared down, I took out all the non-essential junk last night, so it's actually pretty clean and organized in there.
  9. I also carry a lot! My bare bones is keys, wallet (checkbook size), makeup bag, little zippered pouch with gift cards and coupons, Mom Agenda planner, various lipglosses and pens, cell phone, blackberry, some baby wipes, work ID, gum, and sometimes a Moleskin notebook. When I have my kids, add a diaper, some more wipes, snacks, and sometimes drinks.

    I only use a small bag (my one coach) when I go out with dh and only need wallet, keys and cell phone.
  10. Lets see...2 cell phones, sunnies in case, large wallet, checkbook, cosmetic bag, coin pouch, misc papers, gum, cigs, keys, umbrella, protein bar, business card case...
  11. coach wallet, louis clés (w extra loyalty cards, my biz card and change), my keys on tiffany ring w swiss army knife, cell, chapstick, hair clip, small mirror, migraine pills, work id card and my louis planner
  12. I carry my wallet, cell phone, digital camera, lip gloss, and car keys.
  13. My essentials are my wallet, my keys with cles attached, my cell phone, a hairbrush, and a cosmetic bag with just the basics (powder, mascara, lipgloss, balm, hair elastic, mints, a small notepad, and a pen). I carry a Neverfull PM, which holds even more than the Speedy 30, and I don't carry a whole lot considering the size of the bag. However, I feel the extra room is there if I need it. I have shoved 50 lbs of groceries in my Neverfull before! I have also shoved shopping bags full of CDs and clothes, books, and bottles of water and Diet Coke in there. I love having the ability to carry extra stuff if need be.
  14. At a minimum, I carry lipgloss, wallet, checkbook, inhaler, cell phone, keys and work id. But, with a big bag, somehow, after a while, other stuff gets added, spare change, more lipsticks, receipts, etc. and before I know it, the bag is full.
  15. I have to have a big bag now, I never needed one before, but over the last 2 years or so I need to carry everything. My wallet, which is usually long, I don't like trifolds, checkbook, calendar, keys, change purse, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, pens, tide pen, iPod, cellphone, bottle of motrin, coach wristlet (which contains, lipgloss, listerine strips, extra cash for emergencies).