Everyday Outfits


Mar 22, 2006
OK... so maybe I am completely crazy and fashion obsessed, but I pick my outfits for the rest of the week almost all the time. Like Sundays or sometimes Fridays I would just go through my closet and pick out outfits for the entire following week, I may not get through the entire week sometimes I just get through Wed. or even just Monday. I just love clothes too much and dont want to jeopardize a cute outfit by leaving it up to the way I feel in the morning, which is usually like crap and Im half asleep or rushing to make it to work on time. So is that pretty common amongst us fashionistas ?? Or is it safe to say I am alone in this ordeal :unsure: Share your comments please!!
i don't do the whole week but i do plan out outfits the night before, then lay them out so that it looks like there's a person on the floor (put the shirt in the jacket, then place it over skirt with accessories).....but that's only because i have so much trouble picking out what to wear in the morning :P
Irissy said:
I usually pick out the outfit the night before since I'm a zombie when I wake up in the morning.

Ditto. I have to be at work when market opens, so I have to be pretty early. Since I'm not really a morning person, I can get very cranky :shame: I always have to pick out the outfit the night before so I don't stress in the morning.
I pick my outfit the night before and then hang it up on these to like hook things, but I've noticed that even though I pick it out before, I never wear what I pick out. lol