Everyday necklace?

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  1. I'm looking for a new "everyday" necklace.

    i currently wear a tiffany open heart necklace but i would like to get something better, maybe with some type of jewels on it. nothing too flashy or trendy, and pretty basic, so that it will match most things. i would prefer silver. i do not want yellow gold, hate it, lol.

    the problem is, i'm totally clueless about jewelry and different brands.

    i'd also like it to be $350 or less. any help is greatly appreciated :yes:
  2. You may want to consider any of these:

    A locket, especially filigree
    A coin type necklace
    Pink Gold necklace
    Diamond Cross/Star of David
  3. I have one of those past, present, future necklaces (the pendant consists of three little diamond studs in a column and it's on a silver chain) and it's classy enough for everyday wear, but can still be dressed up. It's just as versatile as the open heart necklace IMO... I usually switch between the two for everyday wear.

    ETA - I found a pic of it!

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  4. Sundance has some really cute things and a lot of variety.


    I made a silver rolo chain necklace with gemstone beads spaced every inch or so for my teenage daughter. She wears it ALL the time, and loves the simple yet colorful design. I used sterling wire to incorporate the gemstone beads (I used peridot, iolite, aquamarine, etc. - blues and greens - She wanted something sea-like), and a lobster clasp.
  5. I wear a lot of crosses-I have all different kinds-so, perhaps something like that (or, a Star of David if you are Jewish).

    i like the idea of a locket too
  6. Hey how about something from the Return To Tiffany line? These pieces are TDF, and totally fashionable and classic, you definitly can't go wrong with something from Tiffanys! Check out there website. www.tiffany.com
  7. If you can spend a little more ($390) you can get this David Yurman necklace with blue topaz.

    or you can get it in amethyst

    For $365 you could get this Me & Ro flower pendant necklace with iolite stones

  8. Kat, the Me&Ro is really adorable...nice simple and sweet piece!
  9. what about a solitair necklace? that is truly classic
  10. I love the necklace that Kat posted- or a locket or another necklace that could be personalized would be cute
  11. ooh i love the me&ro neck necklace! where can I get it? thanks everyone for the suggestions, very good ideas :smile:
  12. I found the Me & Ro necklace at NM's website.:P
  13. That last one from Me&Ro is gorgeous!!!

    Can I show off a couple of mine? They aren't available for sale but I just loved 'em. And think they'd make pretty good every day type necklaces.

    The first I made for my little cousin Kimiko for her birthday. It's floating Aquamarine and Ruby.

    The second one a coworker bought with some matching earrings. It is pink topaz and sterling silver.

    My vote is definitely that last one with the iolites. Gorgeous!

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  14. i'm seriously considering the me&ro but is it a trendy jewelry line? if i got tired of it, would i be able to get my money back (or at least most of it) on ebay?