Everyday Minerals Users??

  1. I have just received my free samples.I have tried them and am very impressed. The only worry is, it took 3 weeks to receive them and that was the expediated shipping. I live in the UK. If you place an order is it any quicker or is it always slow.Maybe this doesn't apply to you girls in The States. What do you think??
  2. awww I ordered my free samples and they came within a few days, but I am in the US.

    I LOVE the formula though and I think I am going to stick with them instead of BE!!
  3. hi!
    how can u order the free samples?

    is it free shipping?

  4. I think the shipping is a few bucks ... I ordered some eyeshadows with mine, so I'm not sure how much it is to just ship the samples. it's on their website, everydayminerals.com
  5. I ordered the free samples too and have been using them for a few days. I am DEFINITELY ordering the foundation and am going to retire my BE. I have been getting so many compliments on my skin since trying EM. It is awesome!
  6. I really liked EM but it broke me out which is weird because I do not have sensative skin at all!
  7. i just got my everyday minerals today and i am impressed i love the foundation and the blush its like im not wearing any makeup at all but it covered my imperfections .. the only downside is it took too long to get to me roughly 3 weeks also (but then im not living in the US ) that i ended up buying the giorgio armani silky foundation. Now i have one unopened armani foundation and has no plans of using it after trying everyday minerals
  8. That was exactly my problem. It took 3 weeks to get the samples and I paid for the faster shipping. It puts you off ordering doesn't it?