Everyday Minerals - I picked the wrong shades!

  1. can I order another sample kit with different ones to try? I picked one foundation that looks pretty decent but the other choices ... ick. LOVE the texture though and the finish. I want to order some powder from them but I am confused, which would be like a mineral veil to set the makeup? I see a finishing dust but there's also a balancing powder and some other stuff too ... help! Also if any of you have tried their bluishes, which is a nice neutral, natural one to wear year round? Thanks girls :heart:
  2. You can order as many sample kits as you want, but you can only order one at a time (meaning one kit per order). I've already received two kits. (I made some poor choices with the first kit.) I also ordered the eyeshadow kit that contains 10 mini eyeshadows. I haven't tried them all yet, but so far the ones I did try are pretty nice. As far as finishing powders, I have Finishing Dust and Tinted Silk Dust. I have oily skin so they didn't really work too good for me. I much prefer MAC Blot to "set" my makeup. I do like the foundation though. My skin tone is fair to medium. I like Fairly Light mixed with Golden Medium. I also like Sunkissed Fair by itself. Under "Concealers" they have something called Pick Me Up Pink. I love to dust it lightly over my foundation. It's a wonderful face brightener.
  3. I've also tried Intensive Fair concealer. It works pretty good. I also have Sunlight which is meant for undereye and puffiness. It works pretty good as well. However, I'm in my mid forties and most of the time I need a little more coverage. I really like Nars' concealer. If you have "young" eyes I'm sure EM's concealer will be fine.
  4. I love the Swimming Pool blush. I got it for free and it's by far my favorite out of them all. I'm very fair and it gives me a nice sunkissed look. Morning cup is also very nice. It's a purpley brown color that looks really great with purple eyeshadow.
  5. As far as blushes go I switch between Nick Nack, Chit Chat, and Soft Touch.
  6. ^^^I love Soft Touch as well!!