Everyday Minerals brushes

  1. When I was using Bare Minerals makeup, I purchased some of their brushes. I've now switched to Laura Mercier mineral makeup and I've noticed that the BM brushes make my skin itch when I use them...they are not very soft at all :tdown:
    I checked online and EM has a brush set for $28, you can choose 5 of their brushes to make this set. I was wondering if anyone had any reviews on any of their brushes before i purchase.
  2. Their brushes are nice. The only problem I have is with the Kabuki brush...a lot of the bristles fall out. I've had it for a few months and they're still falling out. Not bad, I mean the brush isn't bald or anything. But just wanted to let you know that the bristles DO come out.
  3. i've heard the same about hairs falling out of EM brushes. lumiere makes great brushes & they're doing a pre-buy where a lot of brushes are 1/2 off :smile:
  4. I love their Kabuki, I bought two! Their brushes are softer than BE, I'd recommend them.
  5. I've only purchased their large kabuki brush and really didn't like it at all. It wasn't that soft and it started losing hairs the first time I used it. I wound up buying a Sephora kabuki brush.
  6. i did not like their brushes. i broke out bad, called them and they said it may have been because they are made of animal hair. i use regular EL brushes.