Everyday Italian & Barefoot Contessa

  1. Any more Giada & Ina watchers up in here?

    I like both these shows, and I hope I do not offend particular fans of one or the other by putting them in the same thread.

    The reason I put them both together, I find both of them not only informative and interesting cooking shows, but relaxing.

    If I feel overloaded and stressed by work, running behind schedule on this or that, Bad Hair Day, pollen count in the Danger Zone and I forgot to buy Sudafed, whatever - I can turn on Giada or Ina and literally feel the tension melt away, problems fall into perspective, hard to explain, both their shows are like little teletranquilizers for me.

    And as for the cooking part, I like the way that they do not go all Martha Stewart and have every recipe involve grinding wheat or something. Most of the time, they incorporate prepared items with home-made stuff and end up with dishes that inspire me, and I feel are accessible, realistically doable by me, the Quintessential Lazy Cook. :P

    In fact, I think they both do a better job of the whole "Semi-Home-Made" concept than the Semi-Home-Made show lady, with apologies that I can't remember her name.

    As an added programming note, Food Network will be having a Battle between Giada and Rachel Ray. I think Nov. 12 is the date. Who will you be rooting for?

    (I hope I put this in the right place, I debated whether it ought to go in the Kitchen dish, but since they are TV shows... well...)
  2. I like watching them too, especially Giada. They are really talented chefs. I have seen the commercial for the battle and i am rooting for Giada all the way!

    BTW- the semi homemade ladies name is Sandra Lee
  3. Thanks Coachlover!

    Did you see the one where Giada threw some toasted almonds and croutons in the blender with some sun-dried tomatoes and just tossed it with penne pasta?

    I made that the same night, it was one of those things that really is as easy to make as it looks on TV, and it tasted great!

    And I will be rooting for Giada too, I don't know what Food Network is thinking, Giada just does not strike me as the battle type, and in my opinion, her actual chef credentials and talents are just waaay out of Rachel's league.

    I think a better battle would be Rachel vs Paula Deen. Why don't we have an evil grin icon? ;)
  4. i love both of their shows but i must say i am definitely a giada fan, she's so beautiful and i'll be rooting for her to kick rachel ray's butt on iron chef.:P
  5. I've been watching Giada for a while now and own both her books. Just love her! She doesn't seem to have that many new shows on as she did last year or earlier this year...so I've kinda been MIA in watching as I can only watch a repeat show so many times.

    Thanks so much for posting about the battle between Giada and Rachel. I totally agree with you shimmapuff that Giada doesn't seem like the battling type. But I think it will make for very good television and food. I'll definitely be rooting for Giada.
  6. Let's just pray the Secret Ingredient isn't EVOO

  7. ^ LOL!
    I feel bad for Rachel because you know everyone is rooting for Giada...myself included. I like how her show is filmed, as well as her recipes much better. It'll be interesting to see.

    I'm not a big fan of Ina only because I find her quite boring, and she never really makes anything I would want to eat. Paula Dean is hilarious to watch, her laugh is infectious.
  8. Oooh these are my two favorite shows on Food Network!! These women are entertaining, not overbearing, and can really COOK! :nuts:
  9. ShimmaPuff- Sounds like the recipe went great! I have seen all her shows a bunch of times because they repeat them so much, so i probably have seen it.
  10. I watch all these shows and think that they are all really great. However, I'm becoming convinced that Giada either has a REALLY great metabolism or simply doesn't eat! She's so tiny!
  11. These are my two favorite shows. I always imagine I'm eating what they are cooking. I love Barefoot Contessa, her recipes are always simple yet fun and elegant. I love when she's giving a dinner party or a beach lunch or whatever.
  12. I watched a Barefoot Contessa episode and she was making pizza for some friends... there was a really hot hot guy on there driving an old truck.. could not stop drooling... :love: i think she has him on the show alot.. anybody know this mystery man is?
  13. Danica, don't feel too bad for Rache, she probably has more fans than Giada does, Food Network, in my view, has been giving her a lot more promotion than Giada, but it could be that Giada is just not that into that aspect of it, on her chefography they indicated that she had to do some persuading to avoid the family business and go to chef school, of course because she is so pretty, I can imagine that the family would have had some notions, but anyway, she didn't even want to do a TV show at first, and they showed some early outtakes where she really was awkward, it took her a while to warm up to the camera and get used to that whole thing...

    SuLi it must be the metabolism, nobody could love food so much and cook so much of it and not eat it - just the amount of tasting she has to do, even if that is all she ingests, would make most of us quite round very quickly!

    Oooh BagFreak me too! I love it when she shows us all the stuff she got at the deli and then makes all these fancy things out of it, but when you break it down, she only made one or two things from scratch, and one of those is usually something you can do a day or so ahead. I want one of those beef sandwiches on French bread with horseradish sauce now! And some of her potato salad, which I haven't made yet, but it is on my list!

    kaluamilk the only guy I remember seeing on there is Mr Contessa, I don't recall whether he was hot though, I didn't pay that much attention to him because I think it was beef and horseradish sandwich day.... ;)
  14. ^ I say this with the utmost respect, but the hot guy was not her husband. I saw an episode he was in, and (he's lovely) but not a 'hot' guy. haha

    I love Ina's house btw, and that market that she always goes to. But yeah, her house is gorgeous!!
  15. LOL well we may assume that she thinks he is. I will keep an eye out for all episodes involving old trucks, even if it is the mmmmmm beef and horseradish sandwich episode..... I guess Mr Puff has really re-ordered my priorities! LOL