Everyday Designer Bag

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  1. I know there have been tons of threads about every day bags, but I'm using this one to narrow my choices and I need the help of my fellow pursaholics!

    I have my eye on a few:

    MJ Blake in black quilted leather

    YSL Muse in Chocolate Brown or Tan (between large and oversize. Anyone know the dimentions of the oversize???)

    I usually carry my wallet, makeup bag, organizer, Advil, mints, the usual stuff...

    Help me decide and please also include the ones you wear for everyday and that you find practical.

  2. I'd go MJ Blake, but just because I think the quilted one is gorgeous!! The Muse is nice too though. My everyday bag is a big Coach tote for school, so I don't really count. But the Blake looks like a very functional style.
  3. I'm not really a Muse fan, I'd go for teh MJ, also I'm a sucker for the quilted texture!
  4. I've tried both, sent back the MJacobs Quilted Blake and kept the Oversized Muse. It really is a classic, simple, everyday bag, light and roomy. The MJacobs Quilted Blake it's beautiful too, but it's smaller (still carries alot, though) and it's heavy, maybe because of the suede lining and/or the hardware. I have the MJacobs Leopard Print Blake and the Muse to look at, maybe it'll help you decide.

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  5. They're both lovely bags. But for an everyday bag I prefer the MJ quilted blake.
  6. pursemama thanks for the pics...since you have the oversize muse, do you mind giving me the dimentions? Also, do you find that your items are allover in the Muse since it doesn't have any dividers? I'm trying to be conscious of what I'll get the most use of...thanks!
  7. I recommend the MJ Blake. I have one in black and it truly is a great everday bag. Three nice compartments. I love it! The LV mono Speedy is a great everyday bag. I use that one quite a bit too. I also think Balenciagas are great everyday bags. Lots of colors and styles to choose from. I personally like the City, Twiggy and Purse styles. Let us know what you decide.
  8. I would vote for the blake. Although I like the muse too! Hmmm, but for everyday because of the multiple pockets and sections, I would say blake!!!
  9. I would get the Muse, because I already have a Blake. I've never seen a Muse IRL, but it looks great in all the pics.

    The Blake is a great bag though. If you are concerned about the Muse not having any dividers you might want to go with the Blake as it is divided into 3 sections. It's definatly very practical, but it is kind of heavy because of the buckles. It doesn't bother me but if you have a paddington or have ever held one I'd say they weigh about the same.
  10. i'd vote for the muse in large (oversize just seems a tad too large, plus it's a crook-of-the-arm bag, not a shoulder bag, which is tricker for everyday), it's beautiful and simple. something about the blake makes me not like it all that much, but my mom loves it.
  11. My vote goes to the MJ Blake. MJ bags are great everyday bags. I love my black Sophia!
  12. i like muse
  13. I'd pick the MJ quilted Blake.. looking for one myself;)
  14. YSL muse. Go on big this summer!!!