Everyday Chloe bag - need help!

  1. Chloe ladies I need your help!
    I need an everyday handbag for work/dinner, etc...
    What Chloe bag do you suggest or which one do you use everyday?
    Please attach pics!

  2. Hmm... it'd help if you told us generally what line of work you're in. There are certain Chloe bags that I would never carry to work in my line of work, whereas others I would.
  3. That would help I guess. I'm a public affairs consultant...it's not as conservative as it sounds, so I can get away with enough edgy stuff.
  4. Hi Hue!

    So if you are going to carry work docs, files, etc I would recommend something like this, the large paddington tote (mine is in taupe). It's an excellent size: 13"H x 17"W x 8"D.


    If you are just looking for an every day bag to carry for your wallent, sunglasses, etc, the paddington satchel is a perfect size.
  5. I wear my Mousse Paddy to work all the time ( and I am in a very conservative profession)! It holds a ton, but no files like the Paddy tote. Either way you cannot go wrong!
  6. I agree, regular/medium size paddington satchel is perfect everyday bag if you dont need to carry loads of papers, memos etc. :flowers: I'm toting here also a bigger paddington style, muscade large zippy;
  7. Sonja!! Nice to see you!! :P

    And that muscade zippy is WONDERFUL!!! Great size and the color is gorgeous :yahoo:

  8. hehee thanks, irl my eyes arent that red :lol:
    Your taupe is gorgeous too! :love:
  9. I think if you're looking for an everyday bag to hold the essentials, the medium satchel would be a good fit. It's not too big or too small and you can wear it on the shoulder! :heart:

    P.S. hmwe and sonja - you girls are so pretty!! :love:
  10. Sonja, i love the muscade zippy!!!! Your outfit is really cute too! :rochard:

    Everyday work and dinner -- i'd do the medium satchel...
  11. Thanks D&G & Audrey! :flowers: