Everyday Chanel Handbags

  1. I haven't purchased my first Chanel bag yet, but I probably will on EGC day at Saks (I'll be the one standing at the closed door chanting a mantra "Open, Open, Open" :drool:).

    I'm thinking about getting a bag I can use everyday if I want, but I don't know which one yet. Do ya'll have chanel bags you'd consider an everyday bag?

  2. For me, I would think the following will suit daily usage:

    - GST/PST, or
    - Original/Baby Cabas
    - Cotton Club Tote/Bowler
  3. what do you need it for? for work? or just to put a few key essential?

    For work,
    i think the baby cabas is a perfect everyday bag. it's roomy, durable and not as obviously chanel. :p
    and the GST if you want something that makes more of a statement...

    For just carrying around... the luxe or cambon bowlers are good choices...

    probably something in caviar i guess?
  4. for work, I say cerf tote!!

    for going out, anything cambon/cotton club/expandable ligne...there's a lot of choice!
  5. oooh, good call erm!
  6. I think the GST or the Cabas are perfect everyday bags. My baby Cabas goes with me everywhere now! My LV's, Gucci's, and Balenciaga have completely gotten shafted lol. It's perfect for stuffing things into, and I love how slouchy it is.
  7. I'll be using for work and for after work casual outings (movies, shopping, casual dinner w/friends), but not for going out.

    I'm not familiar with the cabas...I'll have to look for those.
  8. ^The baby cabas is the one in my sig. There are more pics in the Chanel Reference Library. :biggrin:

    Cabas is nice if you like slouchy bags. GST is nice if you like boxy, structured bags.
  9. ^I believe that's the medallion tote.
  10. I think the cerf tote is a good idea! It is very chic and modern. Looks perfect for work
  11. Cabas for sure
  12. The expandables are good everyday bag as well. But actually, I use all my chanels -- pick one you love and use it. LOL
  13. GST
    Jumbo Classic flap (preferrably in caviar)
    Luxe Bowler
  14. Gst!