Everyday Chanel Bag-Recommendations?

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  1. Hi:
    I'm pretty new to Chanel handbags. I have mostly worn LV's in the past. I did just purchase my first Chanel earlier this year, a pre loved classic flap. And after that, it was instant love. Since then, I've acquired a preloved reissue 226, 19B flap bag, and a 20C navy mini.

    I'm looking for an everyday bag that I can use for work. I currently rotate between my only 3 LV bags, speedy 25, speedy 30 and pochette metis.

    Was looking for recommendations for a Chanel bag that would have the same capacity as my LV bags that can also be my workhorse bag. I did use my reissue for a while, but then unexpectedly, the chain broke during holiday shopping this past weekend....it's being sent for repair. .

    Right now I am using my classic flap, but it's rather small as a work bag.
    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Im in love with the Chanel 19 bag. The medium size would fit everything a jumbo CF could fit. It’s casual and light. The smallest size also fits quite a bit. I may be biased right now since this bag is my ultimate favorite bag of all time.
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  3. Yes thank you! I have been drooling over that bag online. I was in the boutique last Friday, and I'm not sure why I didn't try one on. I am thinking about seeing one in person tomorrow night.

    If I may ask, which size do you have?
  4. The Chanel 19 flap in medium (I think it's called large, but it is the middle size between the three), the Gabrielle in medium or large is also a great bag, super functional. The reissue 226, I love, the chains are not heavy like the jumbo and it carries essentials, plus a bit more.
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  5. I have the smallest size (26cm) as my every day bag. I have the medium size (30cm) as well (large on website) but I prefer the small. The medium is more of a tote for me and I haven’t used it as much as I’ve used the small. The small fits so much with room to spare. Coming from LV, my everyday bag was a 30 speedy b, I used to carry everything and the kitchen sink. Going into Chanel, I had to really minimize everything to fit in the jumbo. I prefer carrying just my basics now, surprisingly. Shockingly to me, I prefer smaller bags. The YSL camera bag was small enough yet big enough to carry what I needed and I was using that for a bit. It was so light and carefree. Knowing that camera bag was the almost the same size as the small 19 bag, I was sold on the 19 even before seeing in person. I don’t think I’ll go back to the larger bags anytime soon.
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  6. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum.♥️ I just bought the 19 in medium (the Chanel website calls it large but my SA calls it medium, it's the $5100 one) and I LOVE it! It is the most beautiful bag ever! I like things with a twist and with that chunky antique gold hardware top handle, my eyes were ALL over it! The leather is so soft and the sheen is beautiful! It is my very first Chanel ever bag! With the 19 being one of Karl Lagerfeld's last designs, do you feel the price will continue to go up and that this bag will be a classic? My SA seems to think so but to me, the chunky top handle chain makes it more of a trendy bag, and usually trendy bags do not last too long right? I shortly went and purchased a Boy bag afterwards in the old medium in the color "light brown" since I always wanted a Boy and I wanted a nude color bag with gold hardware so I snatched it up. My SA said it is the 19C, however the tag on it reads 20C. What does the number mean, the year it was made? And the letter C, does that mean cruise collection? Do I go by the tag or the SA? Maybe she put the wrong tag on bag. It was not initially on the bag, she put it on when I bought it. I purchased it from Neiman Marcus. What kind of leather conditioner should I use? And with the 19 being soft and not a structured bag, I have it stored on it's back in the dust cover in the chanel box when not in use. I feel if I stand it up, the bag slouches and I will end up with a warpy looking bag, but by leaving it on it's back, will the quilts de puff? Thanks everyone!
  7. Might I recommend the timeless tote?
    Since you have a classic flap, you don’t necessarily need another flap bag, but this style is very Chanel while being lightweight and useful:

    I’m tempted to get one myself, but I ended up with a preloved Blizzard tote instead (it’s a little bit hard to find, but very much worth the search if you are willing to go preloved!)
  8. I second this opinion :smile: Can't recommend the classic tote as a work/everyday bag enough.
    I already posted about the classic tote on this forum - absolutely love it: the quality, the roominess, the structure.

    I am also always on a lookout for practical bags. Here is one more picture of my Chanel handbags that I consider practical for going to work, commuting, etc.

    The classic tote in caviar leather - has already been discussed - is my autumn/winter season bag
    The beige tote - is my summer work bag. It fits loads, but it looks a bit floppy and even saggy when not full. I use an organiser with this one to give it a better structure.
    The smaller one - is probably my favourite ever Chanel bag. It fits more than jumbo, very light, beautiful with the silvery trim. One disadvantage is that it's lambskin. That's also what makes it so beautiful, but I never take it out if it's raining (or forecasted to rain).
  9. I purchased this Urban Companion Tote a year or so ago and use it and my Deauville's the most!

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  10. Nature Beauty
  11. Hi! I use my Black GST for work. I usually change bag every week. Now that I just got the Business Affinity Large Black, I intend to use it as an everyday work bag too!
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  12. Can I ask which of your deauville’s have held up the most? I’m looking at buying one on the preloved market.
  13. I have a Deauville from 18C and 19C and both still look great!
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  14. 2619E661-220E-4B6E-B600-40106048F121.jpeg
    Natural Beauty Black Caviar
  15. My everyday bag is the coco pleats drawstring bag from Cruise 18 and I.LOVE.IT!

    I bought it as my first Chanel bag because I tend to think too practical. It doesn't get a lot of love on here but it's a great everyday bag.

    I'm now searching for the right flap for me.