Everyday Bags!

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  1. I am stuck once again on what bag to get. I thought I was set on getting the dior gaucho saddle today, but had to rethink it. Its nice and all, but it isn't really too eye catching since it doesn't have the huge buckle and the keys, but its a really good size.

    Basically what I'm looking for is a kind of eye catching everyday bag, thats not too big or too small. Maybe around the size of the medium gaucho is good. I like to have enough room for my wallet, keys + cles, phone, and some other random junk but not too much.

    I checked out the LV framboise houston and the black stockton today, but the stockton seemed kind of boring, and the framboise wasn't everyday material.

    I also prefer shoulder for everyday. So if any of this information is bringing a bag to mind pls let me know! I am really itching for a bag damn it:wacko: :cry:

    The B. Fendi bags haven't come in yet either :Push: Is it so much to ask for a bag that I can use throughout the week:nuts: . As it stands now I change my bag 3x a day.

    Thanks in advance, I love you guys:love:
  2. Noriko if u hadnt said that u prefer it to be a shoulder bag i would have said Gucci small white Boston :love: (does small come in white anyways! I am lost i dont remember:blink: )!!

    But here is what i'd love to have as an everyday bag!!:love: "maybe not in these colors (but thats what i found:sad: ).. but the multi pocket MJ is surely lovely!"



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  3. Oooooh, metallic!
  4. I love my MJ Blake for everyday but since you love the style of LV bags, what about the MJ perforated Brigitte bag- it's gorgeous and similar to the LV Speedy. And I love the Tod's bags that SoyBean has posted: my favorite is the D Media bag- which comes in a few different sizes.
  5. everytime I get a new bag it becomes my everyday bag :lol:
  6. Here's my everyday bag. The one pictured is Copper. I have it in brown. Love it :love: Calvin Klein Python Bucket Bag


    Here it is in silver python.

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  7. good to know the vernis isn't everyday material. i kinda liked that hudson there too. sorry i don't have any ideas for an everyday bag. but recently i use my dior medium gaucho, mulberry phoebe, or balenciaga.
  8. Thanks everyone! I've never really been much of an MJ fan, something about the leather. I'll take another look though :biggrin:

    Fayden, I've been toying with the idea of getting a Balenciaga, but haven't really found one that drives me :nuts: The gaucho is a possibility in the saddle style, but that just doesn't seem eye catching enough for some reason. I'm probably being just wayyyyyyyyyyy too picky about it :cry:

    I have no idea wtf I'm going to do...this problem has been bothering me for a while :lol: I am looking into a Kelly or a Birkin, but the color combo I want probably won't be found for a while. That would be a NICE everyday bag :love: In the meantime though, I was thinking possibly an LV or a Dior, or a B. Fendi.
  9. I think a hobo is the way to go for an every day bag..
  10. Noriko I would DEFINATELY get the Birkin if possible. What a beautiful everyday bag that would be!:love: :love: :love:
  11. Noriko, Judith Leiber makes day bags now. This one is nice. It's the Hadley chain hobo. (The inside is pink suede.) It is $1,695.
    I have this one and I love it!
    It also comes in a pink version, if you like pink.
  12. Go for the BIRKIN!!! OMG! I am so jealous- I just drool over anything birkin!
  13. Get the balenciaga! Great, light bag for day!
  14. did you take a look at the chanel kelly? i saw one from the cambon line and i loved it. the most gorgeous bag i've seen in a long time!