Everyday Bag

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  1. So.. I am looking for an every day kind of bag. Solid, strong, and something that will last for as long as humanely possible!

    I have 2 favourites at the moment:

    The Miu Miu Bow


    And the Balenciaga City


    Having perved a lot in the Miu Miu forum, Im a bit concerned that there have been a lot of complaints about quality regarding the Bow. Sadly Im not at an age when I can afford this on a yearly basis and want my first designer bag to be very reliable!

    Just wondering if you guys have any suggestions between the 2 bags Ive mentioned here, or if there is something else I should have a look at?

    Thank you =)
  2. I like the bbag. It goes easily from day to night so you dont need an evening bag.
  3. The Bal is gorgeous, but many girls complain that the leathers are too thin, the tassels split, etc. While this is probably not true of EVERY BBag, if you are looking for something that will last you a long, long time, I'd go with something else.
  4. BBag for sure!
  5. The City Bag. Since you are in London, how about the Mulberry Elgin. The Darwin leather would last a lifetime.
  6. Mulberry bayswater???
  7. Definitely the Balenciaga.
  8. I would go for the Balenciaga!