Everyday bag

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  1. #1 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009
    Hi all!

    Do you guy's think that rosewood would be a good everyday bag? I can only buy one bag now and,I think that I finally have my list narrowed down geesh why does this have to be so hard :confused1: Ok so i want an everyday bag has to be functional and,practical what do you guy's think rosewood in pomme gorgeous,bh awesome,bellevue in violette, azur speedy 30 or,the new tote thats coming out in azur? Thanks guy's i really appreciate all of your input.:smile: Oh and by the way going to the boutique and trying everything on,is out of the question because i live a gazillion miles away from the nearest boutique lol
  2. My vote is the BH or the new totally tote coming out. I don't think the vernis is an everyday material. Although I think some people use it as everyday without a problem. Good bags to choice from.
  3. i second the BH.....what is the new tote??? what does it look like???

  4. #4 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009
    Since its an everyday bag.. i would say BH or speedy or if you can wait for the new Totally in azur. Even though the Rosewood is TDF, just not as an everyday bag.
  5. I use speedy as an everyday bag, so I would recomendit if you aren't carreing alot :smile:
  6. i, too, use speedy as an everyday bag and couldn't be more satisfied! It's spacious and down-to-earth kind of bag :smile:
  7. ITA!!! Speedy is my Number 1 choice for everyday bag!:yes:
  8. nvm. i dont care for the totally tote.
  9. Speedy is a great every day bag, but get what you love most. There will always be a Speedy or tote available.
  10. Thanks ladies for all of your imput.I have been on the fence for a very long time about the BH just seems like a very functional everyday bag and,I do have a mono speedy 30 already but,azur is soooo gorgeous I wish that I could just buy all of them.:yes::nuts:
  11. I agree that vernis isn't usually an everyday bag kinda material, but honestly if you really like it I'd use the Bellevue GM violette everyday :P. But I'd go for the speedy otherwise if the vernis is too much, I really like my speedy as an everyday bag :yes:
  12. For everyday? ~

    Handheld - Speedy (my rough and tough go anywhere bag is the Damier Ebene in 30)

    Shoulder - BH sounds and looks very practical and comfortable to use.

    As mammabyrdie:love: said (and she's very wise btw and love her to pieces:tender:) --- GET what you LOVE! :tup:

    Good luck!
  13. Bh ftwww
  14. Or should I just say the heck with it and get a palermo?
  15. BH is a great everyday bag