Everyday Bag?

  1. Okay, if you had to choose one bag to use as an "everyday" bag, (EXCEPT BLACK) which color would you choose? Do you go with a neutral color, or do you add a splash of color that stands out?

    I wear jeans to work, so I'm leaning toward maybe Marine or maybe.....a green or red (Red is my fav. color, but I do already have a red bag, just not a Bbag)? Or do I stick with something in the browns? ........:confused1:
  2. My Marine City is used almost everyday for work... Her and miss Rouge Vif Day. RV stands out whereas Marine is really dark blue. HTH! :yes:
  3. i found violet surprising easy to wear and i get compliments whenever i wear it. :smile:
  4. I would say a brown like cinnemon. If you wear blue jeans, you could wear any color top with a brown bag. Cinnemon also has a hint of a red undertone. Or the rouge VIF is TDF and so is tomato.
  5. Caramel 05, ink or plomb for me, please!
  6. caramel or any shade of brown......
  7. Browns and reds
  8. Calcaire city for work~~
  9. Anthracite is a good color for an everyday bag. It's a great alternative to black and it matches with everything :tup:
  10. Caramel 05! or plomb - love 'em!
  11. I'd carry a gray city!!! I love gray!!! Unfortunately, I don't have a gray b-bag:crybaby:
  12. I'm with erica. I carry my anthracity all the time. I did switch yesterday, though, since I was wearing a lot of brown...
  13. My choice would be gray or brown/neutral.

    But between blue and red, I'd pick blue.
  14. :upsidedown: ehm... so hard to choose.
    I always change my mind!! But I think that the most versatile colors could be plomb, caramel and a dark brown like mogano.
  15. currently I have been using my Ocean brief almost everyday since getting it. Also plomb would be a great color.