Everyday Bag Recommendation

  1. I'm new to this forum, but not to Louis. Could someone recommend a good everyday bag for a mom with 2 kids? I'm thinking tote style, but a like the speedy as well. Although I don't know if it would be as practical. I know there's the cabas in two sizes, and the popincourt veritical? and the batignoilles. Excuse the spelling. Any recommendations? TIA
  2. Cabas Mezzo! Large and in charge - but super comfy on the shoulder - easy to get in and out of - gorgeous looking with patina or without - a great work house of a bag - always a classic style - hands free availability - duals as a diaper bag is needed. .... um oh yea - did I mention I LOVE my MEZZO! :p
  3. My suggestions:
    -Batignolles Horizontal
    -Popincourt Haut
    -Antigua Cabas MM
  4. I vote for the Popincourt Haut too! I love mine!

    Or, if you can wait, the new Neverfull coming out next month looks like a great tote bag, and the price is awesome too!
  5. First, Welcome to the forum!:yahoo:
    Second, i'd recommend
    Batignolles Horizontal $710.00
    Blending everyday versatility and signature Louis Vuitton luxury, the Batignolles is perfectly sized for carrying as an elegant shopper or briefcase. Classic Monogram Canvas is finished with sleek golden hardware and sumptuous natural cowhide trim, while the roomy interior easily holds a laptop or documents.
    • Monogram canvas with natural cowhide trim and golden hardware
    • Canvas lining with an interior key ring, zipped and cell phone pockets
    • Snap hook closure
    • Adjustable side gussets
    • Comfortable flat leather shoulder straps
    • 13.4" x 11.8" x 5.4"

    This bag is very close in size to the mezzo but with less worry because you dont have the naked leather bottom.

    The popincourt V is small, now if you dont carry much and your not in the habit of carrying things for your kids its great as you'll be hands free.
  6. my everyday bags are:

    Batignolles Horizontal
    Popincourt Haut
    Damier Papillon 30
  7. Bagtinolles Horizontal is very popular as an everyday bag!

    For quite a while, I used the mono Multipli Cite everyday and that served me well...how about the Vavin?

    You could also wait for the Neverfull bags, which was previously suggested...good size, but not sure what you're planning to put in the bags as the straps appear quite thin relatively...

    Another suggestion is the bucket bag in mono or damier...
  8. My everyday bag is damier speedy 25 or BH. If you are looking for a shoulder bag, then go with BH.
  9. My everday bag of the moment is Hampstead PM.
    Fits perfectly on my shoulder and lots of space to put my stuff.
  10. i agree to go for the BH as well.
  11. Thanks everyone both for the warm welcome and great recommendations!
  12. I agree with the Batignolles Horizontal suggestion. My next LV purchase is going to be a BH, and I do intend to use it as an "everyday" bag.
  13. I'm a mommy to a 17 month old and a 4 month old and I use the Batignolles Horizontal as an every day bag. I cannot do a hand held if I'm on my own because my hands are either pushing a stroller or holding the baby or holding the hand of a 17 month old.
  14. I love the Hampsteads because you don't have to worry about vachetta but a BH is great too as it doesn't have the vachetta bottom, like a Mezzo.
  15. bh, i love it..because when my cell phone starts ringing, i can reach right into it without unzipping or messing with things..and my phone is kept in its compartment. very easy in and out. i don't leave home without it lately.