everyday bag in Vacanze?

  1. i was looking at the lesportsac website, and i assume the styles in tutti an Trasporto will also be the same styles for Vacanze, i was REALLY hoping for a mamma mia but since the style wont be offered im wondering which bag to get.

    i have a BV now and i like the style, the tote likeness; but i want something a bit more 'everyday' any one have any thoughts about the bags :confused1:

    oh and this is OT but im watching Americas next top mode on MTV and one of the girls is wearing a tokidoki shirt :p
  2. You can still get the MM in Vancanze, but just at Hawaii retail. *lol*
  3. If you don't want to pay the Hawaii retail price maybe you can get a gioco or a zucca? Those would be my two choices for an everyday purse out of the styles that are available.
  4. for real?? i love the print so that id be willing to pay the extra :graucho:

    how much would one run at hawaii? also how would i order one? can we mainlanders order form Hawaii or do i gotta wait an scorer eBay?
  5. My Tutti MM was $157 before tax. And I guess you could call them and do a money order?
  6. For an everyday bag I'm trying to decide between a ciao and a bambinone. Neither of which I have in my collection. So I'm really uncertain. I definitely need something with a longer strap since I will be wearing it with my winter coat.
  7. if i were to do that, do they help w/ placement? and would they hold that bag until they received the money order?
  8. Does anyone know for sure if Vacanze will be available on lesportsac.com?
  9. I wonder why it is only coming out in Hawaii?

    I'm going to be there the first day it comes out to scope out the bag:borg1:.

    I call like every morning to check on Trasporto and I will do the same for Vacanze :sneaky:. Even if I end up not buying bags I like to be one of the first to check it out...just incase:graucho:.
  10. too bad MMs are only in HI. i would love that one as an everyday bag. i preordered the gioco, bv and ciao ciao. zuccas may be a good everyday bag too.
  11. i dont have my MM yet but i love my BV so a smaller version can only be :love:

    if anything ill wait till e bay has some nicely priced ones floating about, then i can have a wider range of placement :graucho:
  12. Ahhhhhh, we are slaves to evilBay!!:push:
  13. i thought a BV was everyday xD i just take my inferno one wherever i go
  14. I don't know if they'd help with placement... You can try? I'd avoid talking to the Japanese SA's because they don't understand you and every time I've gotten one on the phone they've had to hand the call off to someone who speaks better english. I'm Japanese and all, but that really irritates me. *lol* And yes, they hold the bag until they received the money order. I just don't know how it'd work during the first few days it comes out, though, because they said they don't do ANY holds for the first few days. So I dunno. That's something you'd have to ask them.

  15. And Guam... like that helps. *lol*