everyday bag decision- please help

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  1. you have all been very helpful with my recent selections. now i must select an everyday bag. i normally wear dark color (black,navy,brown) clothes. ( jeans, pumps and cashmere sweater sor trousers with silk cardigans....but almost always pumps).i want an everyday bag that can go with everything and will still be fashionable in two years. i was thinking of:

    MJ Stam in black:love:
    Chanel anniversary in black (large):love:
    Chanel anniversary in grey (large):love:

    I called NM in the west coast and just my luck, they had all three:wacko: ( can you believe that?)

    now i must decide. please help.
    i am also open to other suggestions and colors. ( i already ordered the edith in whiskey..i have the medium white gaucho, chocolate paddy, LV alma in monogram)

    Thanking you in advance:biggrin:
  2. The bags you are looking at are great! You might also consider the black large YSL muse.
  3. Chanel anniversary in grey, definitely :love:
  4. i'd go with one of the chanels! im not too sure which colour as i think both of them are beautiful! :amuse:
  5. black Chanel ... timeless beauty ...
  6. I like the Chanel gray :biggrin:
  7. Grey Chanel- I have it and it is:love: :love:
  8. Gray Chanel....yummy, and seems like it would go really well with the colors of your wardrobe.
  9. I love the gray Chanel!
  10. i actually did consider the muse but it was too large and it really did not do anything for me. the handle were too short and you cant use it over the shoulder, but thanks for the suggestion.:biggrin:
  11. do you have the large size? can you post a pic?
  12. do you agree on the large size?
  13. I have the large size and think it is the best. I've never posted a pic before so I'm not sure how to go about it-sorry!! I think pics of this bag have been posted in other threads though. I just learned how to do pics for ebay-I am so behind the times!!:lol:
  14. Here is mine (large grey reissue).:love:


    Chanel 02.JPG

    Chanel 03.JPG
  15. A NM S/A told me that they don't carry the 2.55 in large. Is that true? Did any of you with the large get yours at NM?