Everyday bag battle: Bottega Black Hobo or Chanel Cerf Tote Large?

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Which everyday bag?

  1. BV woven hobo - black

    17 vote(s)
  2. *

    Chanel Cerf tote - black

    27 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. trying to decide between a new daily bag. 1) [​IMG] Ashley's BV woven hobo or 2) Ashley's Chanel cerf tote. I'm a pretty classic dresser and I wear lots of black so I guess it works out that I want a black bag. Which should I choose?!

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  2. I voted for the Cerf. I love mine, use it all the time and it looks great with everything.:smile:

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  3. I'd opt for the BV. My BV bags are my favorite - very classic yet versatile.
  4. can't see the BV bag pic
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    heres another

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  6. this one is a hard one, cuz both are understated and a neutral color, so im goin to base on your family go for bottega venetta if you love variety and just want something casual and that you dont need much wider space; go for chanel if you need it for mostly work cuz of possible paper storage space and more spacy bag for other daily needed stuff that might not fit in a zippered bag.
  7. My vote is for BV. As much as I love Chanel this one is a little on the plain side and I think the BV hobo has a bit more style and is more interesting with the woven letter.
  8. Bv.
  9. The Cerf Tote looks gorgeous!
  10. I own that BV and I adore it. I constantly get compliments from strangers when I wear it.

    I vote BV!
  11. Honestly, I absolutely love both. However, i think it really depends on what you need it for. If it's an everyday bag to 'throw around' i say go w/ the BV. If it's more of a everyday work type bag, to carry papers or a laptop I say go with the cerf tote. It's a bit more sophisticated b/c of the tote style, as a opposed to the hobo style of the bottega.
  12. Ladies i'm sooooo torn :sad:
  13. Ok ladies...well....I decided on getting the Chanel Cerf! I figured I could use it for both work/leisure...plus the boxy shape suits me a little better than the hobo. Thanks so much for your input ladies and I will always appreciate your help!!!
  14. BV is better for everyday imho.
  15. I voted for the BV too. I love my Veneta! It gets many admiring looks.