Everyday bag advice.. please help :)

  1. I was wondering what would be a great bag for everyday? Any brand recommendations? I already have a Birkin but I don't use that everyday, I love Chanels but would love a good size. Any help would be amazing!:heart:
  2. if you're willing to look at other brands, i highly recommend prada, hayden harnett, bulga, gustto and kooba...they're all amazing in different ways...check them out!
  3. I just bought the Gustto Baca. I love it. I can fit a lot in it, but it's not offensively large.......Check them out at Nordstroms, Saks, NM or Von Maur.
  4. I think the Baca would make a good everyday casual bag. Mine takes a little abuse and shows no worse for wear.
  5. The Hermes Kelly- most practical bag ever.
  6. I am with Rose on this :heart: kelly
  7. You are so fortunate to own a Birkin! But if you'd like something else maybe a Louis Vuitton of some sort? The Epi line is beautiful...several colors are available. The leather is easy to take care of and hardly anything "bothers" it. Plus, some of the styles are really classic.