Everyday Accessories

  1. As I was replying to another post it came to my realization again that I have been wearing the same exact earrings for the past four years and the same necklace for maybe six or seven.

    Is there certain jewelery that you guys were day in day out (I take a shower with mine too, they never come off). And when I need to accessorize more, I just put it on top of what I'm already wearing. I'll even loop earrings right over the ones I already have in!

    I used to wear a tiny beaded bracelet that my sister had made for me until it broke.

    Anyone else do this?
  2. I do. I have a jewelry box full of stuff but I still wear all the same stuff all the time.

    I do take mine off to shower and sleep though:smile:
  3. I find that I wear more silver than gold lately. I noticed that I've been wearing the same earrings all the time, so I bought some silver tiffany's jewelry so that I would change it up. btw, how do you loop earrings over ones already in your ears?
  4. I change my earrings every day and usually wear one of my three necklaces (an opal, a diamond pendant or a sapphire). I'd love to have more choices,though.
  5. I used to change jewelry a lot when I was younger. Nowadays, I seem to be attached to certain items and wear them almost everyday, even in the shower. I know it sounds weird, but I miss them when I'm not wearing them.
  6. I wear my diamond studs primarily. I rarely change them out. I also have been wearing my Pandora bracelet daily. I mixed it with silver and gold, so that it will 'go' with everything. I do; however, change my necklace regularly.
  7. I own some things but never really wear much. I don't even usually put on my wedding set. But if I had to say that there was something I wear a lot, it would be my wedding set or a plain plat. band.
  8. my everyday pieces are my platinum engagement and wedding ring and my diamond stud earrings. Most days, but not always I'll wear either my Tag watch or one of my Movado's. I also almost always wear one of my sterling silver Tiffany bracelets, but not every single day...depends on how late I'm running in the morning.
  9. My everyday piece is my gorgeous raymond weil watch. It was a christmas gift from my now ex BF...when we first broke up I couldn't wear it without crying. Now it's OK. I also always wear my two sapphire and diamond rings...souvenirs from two incredible caribbean vacations!

    I used to be obsessed with earrings and had tons and tons. Now I've scaled back quite a bit and am investing in more 'real' jewelry (vs. costume).
  10. I change my rings often, but my stud earring and matching necklace is my staple.

    If the mood strikes, then I change it all up but it is not that often. Especially b/c some pieces are just more comfortable and durable to wear everyday.
  11. i try to mix my jewelry up a bit.. i have some trend jewelry from macy's that i'll put on if it matches my outfit.. if not, its my tiffany's sterling silver jewelry that i turn to.